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About Announcements 1 August 31, 2016
Dev Blog 130: We’re back from summer vacation(!), The Turnaround Update released and what’s next for Alpha 33 2 August 20, 2019
Airport CEO Alpha 32 Released 440 August 20, 2019
Airport CEO Alpha 31 Released (The Multi-floor Update) 451 August 12, 2019
We're back! 25 August 12, 2019
Dev Blog 126: Alpha 30 and The Soundtrack Update released, the development ahead and multiple floor progress 25 July 11, 2019
Dev Blog 133: Alpha 31 (the multi-floor update) released, experimental testing of Alpha 32 and the development road ahead 6 July 2, 2019
Dev Blog 132: Stabilizing the multi-floor update and completing the aircraft cabin cleaning update 19 June 24, 2019
Airport CEO Alpha 27.7 Released 56 June 20, 2019
The Dev Blog Status Updates

:exclamation: The Dev Blog Status Updates :writing_hand: As you know, from time to time, work gets the better of us and we simply don’t have enough time to complete a qualitative dev blog on time. Previously this has …

9 June 18, 2019
Dev Blog 131: Alpha 31 released on experimental (the multi-floor update), aircraft cabin cleaning and NG19 postmortem 32 June 18, 2019
Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released 1235 March 7, 2019
Dev Blog 130: Last phase of multiple floor, completing the de-icing implementation, localization tests and NG19! 38 June 7, 2019
Airport CEO Alpha 30 Released 325 June 1, 2019
Airport CEO Social Media Feed 341 May 29, 2019
Dev Blog 129: Another multiple floor update and a first de-icing demonstration! 24 May 22, 2019
My first week at Apoapsis Studios! 13 January 28, 2019
Apoapsis Studios welcomes a new "team member"! 46 May 4, 2019
Dev Blog 128: Development on three fronts and Reboot post-mortem 8 May 1, 2019
POLL: Help pick the next two wildcard aircraft in Airport CEO! 112 April 27, 2019
Dev Blog 127: Continued localization, continued catering and continued multiple floors and terminals 46 April 17, 2019
No DevLog 101 this week but here's a quick update 28 February 8, 2018
[CLOSED] POLL: Help pick the next GA aircraft in Airport CEO! 27 April 7, 2019
POLL: Help pick the next light (non-GA) aircraft in Airport CEO! 34 March 14, 2019
Dev Blog 125: Branch puzzles, "expanding" the studio and localization 5 March 13, 2019
The New Website Screenshot Contest 61 March 7, 2019
Dev Blog 124: Preparing for Alpha 30 and a status update on multiple floors 18 March 6, 2019
Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 1) 130 July 30, 2017
The Airport CEO Development Pipeline

The Airport CEO Development Pipeline There’s now a new way to track the development of Airport CEO. We’ve enabled a public Trello board that is directly synchronized with our Jira instance, which opens up two major advan…

3 February 26, 2019
Dev Blog 123: The development strategy ahead, new aircraft production and announcing the Airport CEO soundtrack trailer! 3 February 13, 2019