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Feature Voting Guidelines :mega: [Feature Voting] (8)
Cargo trucks use multiple loading sites [Feature Voting] (8)
First, Business class queue [Feature Voting] (5)
Underground Transportation Between Terminals [Feature Voting] (2)
Remove ALL orphan baggage and passengers missed flights (Reset passenger and baggage when their destination is not reachable) [Feature Voting] (1)
Passport Controls [Feature Voting] (12)
Real Airlines [Feature Voting] (4)
Travelators (moving walkways) [Feature Voting] (7)
Flip current in-game assets [Feature Voting] (4)
Multiple build site drop-offs [Feature Voting] (4)
Enhanced security/ police [Feature Voting] (1)
Highway and Multiple Road Entries and Exits [Feature Voting] (1)
Terminal floors (levels) and jetways ( 2 3 ) [Feature Voting] (45)
Immigration and Custom [Feature Voting] (3)
Vote Reallocation After Round One [Feature Voting Meta] (9)
Conveyor intersections [Feature Voting] (3)
Conveyor Belts That Cross [Feature Voting] (11)
Tenant operations [Feature Voting] (5)
Better ATC (ILS, radar, ground radar and ATC emloyee) ( 2 ) [Feature Voting] (24)
Construction Trucks [Feature Voting] (1)
Airline specific areas [Feature Voting] (1)
Cloning Tool [Feature Voting] (16)
Restrict Vehicle Entry Into A Depot [Feature Voting] (3)
Remote Stands- Realism Vote for it to be implameted :) [Feature Voting] (16)
Contractors contract stacking [Feature Voting] (2)
Satisfaction Detail [Feature Voting] (2)
Mute Feature Voting Topic from main page [Feature Voting Meta] (9)
Delivery and Construction Drop offs allowed on Service Roads [Feature Voting] (2)
Catering, Cleaning, De-icing ( 2 ) [Feature Voting] (21)
Staff shift scheduling [Feature Voting] (1)