Feature Voting

Deny Boarding Late Passengers [Feature Voting] (6)
Airport metro [Feature Voting] (1)
Service Vehicle Routing Improvements [Feature Voting] (3)
More Keyboard Shortcuts for Menus [Feature Voting] (1)
Flight and Cabin Crew [Feature Voting] (7)
Irregular shaped rooms [Feature Voting] (7)
Improved contract system/airport-airline relationship [Feature Voting] (9)
Maintenance Operations [Feature Voting] (3)
Software systems, training, advanced staff qualification [Feature Voting] (4)
Parking for airport service cars and ,,FOLLOW ME" cars [Feature Voting Meta] (8)
More details [Feature Voting Meta] (3)
Upgraded / Updated Flight Scheduler [Feature Voting] (2)
Car rentals shop/ Airline desks [Feature Voting] (3)
Check-In Process [Feature Voting Meta] (2)
More realistic handling of stands [Feature Voting] (8)
Security requirements/terrorism and government inspectors [Feature Voting] (14)
Taxiway, Stands and other taxiway markings [Feature Voting] (2)
Remove ALL orphan baggage and passengers missed flights (Reset passenger and baggage when their destination is not reachable) [Feature Voting] (2)
Utilities (Electricity and Water) [Feature Voting Meta] (3)
Stands: Select which plane types can use them [Feature Voting] (1)
Commercial airlines differing in quality (reliability/service/solvency) [Feature Voting] (3)
Scheduling Idea [Feature Voting] (2)
Templates for rooms [Feature Voting] (6)
Fix Items Until They Are Unfixable [Feature Voting] (4)
A Year Is A Year [Feature Voting] (6)
Item Inventory [Feature Voting] (1)
Charging Stations [Feature Voting] (4)
Queue Management: Extreme Edition [THE VOTE] [Feature Voting] (2)
Feature Voting Round 1 Closed! [Feature Voting Meta] (20)
Security Patrols [Feature Voting] (1)