Feature Voting

Underground Fuel Lines [Feature Voting] (6)
Predictive Vehicle Ordering [Feature Voting] (6)
Exportation of PAX/Vehicle/Airline game data tables [Feature Voting] (1)
Deny Boarding Late Passengers [Feature Voting] (7)
Runway Maintenance and Aeroplane Maintenance [Feature Voting Meta] (10)
More control over road usage [Feature Voting] (8)
Slower In-Game Time [Feature Voting] (17)
Shop star levels [Feature Voting] (1)
Runway Repairs [Feature Voting] (2)
Better Contract negotiations [Feature Voting] (2)
Real parking spots [Feature Voting] (15)
Modding Planes [Feature Voting] (1)
Skybridges [Feature Voting] (11)
Stand Sizes, Classification and Upgrades ( 2 3 4 ) [Feature Voting] (63)
Staff Go Home [Feature Voting] (7)
Expanded Taxiway Options [Feature Voting] (1)
Modular Jetbridges [Feature Voting] (7)
New Flight Scheduler Logic [Feature Voting] (7)
Airline Fleet Information for Default and Modded Airlines [Feature Voting] (9)
Slot Based Contracts [Feature Voting] (5)
Looking back at your games past. (feature post) [Feature Voting] (1)
High Resolution Screenshots for efficiency on the forum [Feature Voting] (1)
Remote Stands with Joint Service Road [Feature Voting] (6)
Ground Movement Cotroller [Feature Voting] (3)
Plane pushback improvements [Feature Voting] (4)
Remote Stands- Realism Vote for it to be implameted :) [selected for implementation] ( 2 ) [Implemented Features] (23)
Baggage Containers/ULDs [Feature Voting] (1)
Road Tunnels [Feature Voting] (5)
Wet textures when raining [Feature Voting] (7)
Airport Fire Service [Feature Voting] (6)