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Catering Companies (12)
Being a CEO? (4)
Overhaul Stands (4)
Small check-in desk two versions? (5)
Long/Custom Jetways (5)
Connect checkin desk(s) to secure zone? (3)
Update/upgrade the Flight Process Monitor (5)
Giving Airport Staff Time to Reach Stands Before Boarding (12)
Buggies for airport staff (1)
Management de l'ATC Tower (19)
Just a review | Utilities, Multi Story Customisation Things, Runway Maintenence (9)
Airplane pushback (14)
Ability to set staff resting thresholds (when to begin/end) (2)
Slots-based planning, overnight staying and homebased airlines (8)
Choose A/C for Specific Stands (3)
Passenger Arrival Times (2)
AutoHiring (or, outsource all ground handling work) (7)
Communication Audios¹ & Taxiway Codes² (5)
Auto Repair Select Percentage -COO? (4)
Larger world game (16)
Backtracks (3)
Self Check-in Counter (8)
Turnaround Processes (5)
Glass other than a Wall (13)
Piped Gasoline? (20)
Small Stairway Cart (or Trolley) for CRJ, ATR and even BAE for Remote Stands (6)
Improve for crossing of Service road and Taxiway ( 2 ) (29)
Active runway in depend of wind direction (14)
After playing, building, managing... My list of suggestions (5)