29.10 Broke my airport completely

At least I finally found all my missing airport staff…


And when i closed the room where the ramp agents went and shrunk it…


They all just went and stood on top of eachother.

Did it here as well…


One time the solution to this nonsense was to simply not have any breakrooms…

I dont know how this all will fix. but we all need wait.

Is it just me or does it also seem to take a lot longer for fuel to be delivered, not the time it takes for the new fuel to arrive but time from when fuel starts entering the storage tanks to when the delivery tanker leaves

I too have noted the deliver of fuel being somewhat off… sometimes the fuel truck just keeps charging while the fuels not flowin in… “here’s the invoice for all the fuel we delivered to that tank.” Why is the amount you delivered more than the tanks hold?" Umm… I dunno, I just pump the gas, collect the coin, and send out the invoices… you’ll have to talk to accounts recievable about that…


I had a bagage is flying at coveyors. Buses going to stands but there no flights.

I had a bagage is flying at coveyors. Buses going to stands but there no flights.

Courtesy of…


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Maybe airport is in Chernobly? How ever it was in greenland.

In general the fuel flow rates have been adjusted. We set a standard fuel flow rate depending on the fuel truck type, which means increased flow for aircraft refueling and slower from and to depots (since these numbers were much higher before). It is now 10 times faster to refuel a depot than the standard fuel flow and 2 times faster than the standard value to refuel a fuel truck from the depot. The refueling values from and to the depot was quite unrealistic as a huge depot could be filled in few seconds while an aircraft took several minutes. I hope that makes sense! :slight_smile: We are also looking at all the other bugs as soon as possible.

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Many thanks kind sir. I am still quite impressed that with all the bugs from this patch, the game is still functioning with this pervious save file that’s quite old. All the problems are working through, it’s settling down, I"m starting to consider now the removal of vehicle depots and replacement with parking lots.

It’s all working itself out. Thanks for you responses! I look forward to more to come.

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I have depots as a buck up only now.

AFter getting all of my push back trucks, belt loaders and fuel trucks on teh stand… all that remains in the sheds are the luggage trucks… and honestly, replacing them wiht parking lots allows me to see where everything is. It’s growing on me. My first reaction was… what…?? Now… I’m exploring. I’m sure it’ll change with food service and cleaning service though… or I 'll just have more of those and surround my plane… there’s no delay in anything getting to the plane now… and I honestly have no idea how many baggage trucks I"m supposed to have, but I can’t see it in action to figure out how/where they travel to.

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Curiously, why does the fuel delivered from the two different fuel trucks in the picture cost so much different? This is even weirder when we consider that the trailer one is more expensive in all ways to the regular trucks? This is only incentive for me to remove all my trailer fuel trucks and replace them with the ones that charge $150… I"m wondering now actually if all three fuel vehciles charge different rates because I have seen trucks charing 90 but didn’t pay it much mind.

I’m not sure this is a bug. I’ve submitted this file numerous times lately, showing this actually. so, 10510 or any others work fine.

Just wondering.

Hmm, yea it should be reversed. The large truck is able to pump fuel much faster and should theoretically charge more. However, it shouldn’t matter financially as both trucks will fill the same quantity, just at different flow rates. So you need to wait longer for the smaller truck. But you are right, something seem off here. Unless the larger fuel trucks ticks much faster, let me investigate and get back to you.

Blockquote The large truck is able to pump fuel much faster and should theoretically charge more

Working as intended. This isn’t really described much in the description window when we go buy them. Perhaps updating each of the text to reflect the actual value each truck provides? “This truck can pump at 3x the speed,” “This truck is a slow and cumbersome old model, it will pump at half the speed.”

Perhaps going as far as to seeking to improve both the newness (purchasing of used vehicles) etc in the future? IF you think about it, a shoe string budget in the beginning would demand short term solutions that are usually more expensive in the long run, but when you can’t afford the full price of the new big fast fuel truck with only a few stands… you have to make do. It then opens up an aspect of the management of the airport being that of the ground fleet and it’s aging/maintenance. I guess this would be more of a feature request/suggestion.

Thanks for the feedback though. Now I’d like to explore this topic in the game play.

I think your airport is a little too big…

29.10 is since long outdated. Locking and hiding this topic to avoid confusion.