43,000 passenger turnaround

I’m at ~230 flights, and the passenger turnover is a work in progress… I’m curious what others have done to turn around that many passengers. I’ve got ~105 stands… yes… It’s a lot… but I’m genuinely curious.

2nd floor baggage claim that also shows the 0 floor drop-off. I put the baggage claim on the 2nd floor because the space was there, and I’ve got a 2nd floor over earth passenger walk way that goes over the tarmac connecting 5 concourses.

ground floor check in and security… interestingly, now now one sits there an waits for the ticket machines to open… they go right in and drop off the baggage.

-1 vehicle drop off and pick-up… everything is full

How do you folks overcome this problem?

Also, @olaf we really need a more different method of attaching baggage drops to baggage bays. I wonder about switching the baggage bay and loading point function making it so we choose the check-in desks from the baggage bay, and the selection tool stays on for multiple selections. Connecting 6-8 baggage drop offs to 18 baggage bays is… tedious.