45 Degree Angles and 90 Degree Curves?


Alright, here’s the thing.

I’M ALREADY AWARE that there are NO PLANS for 45 Degree angles or curves of any sort…

HOWEVER, here’s what I was thinking about.

45 Degree Angles
My thoughts on this are as follows. The 45 degree pieces are just that. PIECES. They would be PLACED, and COULD be selected by size. HOWEVER, they will definitely have to be rotated to fit the next block they’re being built into.
Building Walls - The pieces would be placed accordingly, and may add a challenge. Obviously as noted before, there wouldn’t be much room to place décor items on these areas, but it would aesthetically please, in some cases.
Taxiways - Well well well, XD, people have been hounding about High Speed exits or 45 Degree exits. This would have the same concept as the building walls. These pieces would have to be PLACED, not drag and dropped. You’d really have to consider where your taxiways currently are in relation to the runway. It’s a thought.

Building Walls - Much like the 45 Degree Angles, they’d be placed accordingly. There’s no sense to just drag and drop.
Roads - I feel like the roads can have a 90 Degree curve, and they could be rotated and placed. Maybe they can come in more than one size? Upon implementation of this, perhaps the intersections of roads and service roads can be tweaked to look a little smoother? Where a road can take for instance 1 tile, a small curve would take 4 in a square, if that makes sense. A medium or large curve could take 9 square tiles. Just an idea.
Baggage - While I know the Baggage system is approaching completion, I feel like the curves could be another plan and place item. This segment would be a separate piece, but run with the rest. It could make the baggage system look aesthetically pleasing in areas of baggage claim as well. NOT ONLY THAT, but it could help when it comes time for oversized baggage, as we know they need their own belts with wider curve radiuses and whatnot.

Obviously while I know there are no immediate plans to implement any of this, I hope this makes the thought of adding it more useful! I feel like the roads wouldn’t feel as cut and narrow, and that buildings could come in all types of shapes and sizes!

Feel free to add or leave thoughts on this!


High speed taxiways are closer to 30 degrees, 45 would be too steep an angle.

And it isnt just placing the pieces, but a lot of animation logic would have to be adjusted, to account for the new angle


Thank you for correction on the taxiway measurements. I’m aware new animations would have to be made, however, i’m saying the pieces should be placed, not drag and dropped like regular roads and taxiways. XD


Im talking about animation of the aircraft and such, they would have to travel on those pieces. :slight_smile: now there are only 4 directions of travel, with angled pieces there will be 8.


You say that but the sprites do have to turn corners so they will rotate through the 30 degrees point on their turning arc. It should add too many issues with regard to animations depending on how it’s been programmed.


This is more of a question for @Fredrik but since he’s busy moving I’ll step in quickly:

We don’t use any sort of animation for moving objects, the objects movement is simulated in the game world using a node system. So implementing single pieces with a range of nodes attached would not be a problem, however it wouldn’t be draggable in the same way that taxiways now are built. That’s essentially the only “issue” this poses, if we implement single build pieces which represents 45 degree turns (or circled turns for that matter) it might be a little weird to build and use from a player’s perspective. However, that shouldn’t stop us, it’ll “only” require a good and straight forward UI…

I’ll let @Fredrik say his part! :wink:


If this happens, i think a lot of people will like it!


So you wont need extra code to check I.e. wing clearance? 45 degree angle means wings get closer at an intersection.


Just throwing it in because it fits the topic.

This document is somewhat of a bible to any airport planner. ICAO Annex 14 regulates all distances which have to be met. Kinda interesting (and admittedly exhausting) so I thought I’ll post it for anyone to at least seen it in a life. #themoreyouknow :airplane::relieved:

Especially interested to me is the chapter about 90° turns on the runway to backtrack to the exit. Would love to see that implemented down the road.

An A320 has a turning radius of 53.80 m down to 22.5 m if you make the plane work for it. That’s quite impressive. :smiley:


Not really, the mentioned node system is built on a principle that aircrafts occupy a certain number of nodes infront of it depending on its size. If it’s a large aircraft with a large wingspan we could write it so that it does not only occupy node in front of it, but also occupy nodes within a given circle area of its perimeter, thus blocking flights coming from a 45-degree angle. I’m just speculating here to be honest, we’ll have to see what @Fredrik says…


That’s cool! I’d love to see if this gets used!


As of now we will need to focus on the existing system and make it 100% bug free. We could update the build system to accommodate for diagonal drag and placement but this will be looked at later. :airplane:


Sweet! I hope it works out!


If you guys give us diagonal building and placement as well as one way roads and taxiways, i will be one happy man.


Make it a feature that can be procured, so, bend angels as procured product. :wink:


Things would definitely look cool :slight_smile: https://forum.airportceo.com/uploads/default/original/2X/b/bd63ddc02132ab4a36009f5273789c2b9990bb19.jpg




Suspect it might save some taxi time for your aircraft too :stuck_out_tongue:


@Olof Will we eventually have 45 degrees walls and foundations? That would be an amazing addition!


That will be good.