737 MAX still possible in ACEO?

After a huge fiasco relating to the 737 MAX8 and 9 airplanes, I got curious if the type is still in consideration to add in the game, or if the developers are already developing this generation of 737. I know that 737-800 in-game is already amazing enough, but those wingtips and waved engine nacelles are a delight to my eyes. Please state your opinions. I’d love to hear it.

I did some work on a Mod to make the 737max8 but did not upload it yet.

I have no idea if the developers are planning on introducing this any time soon. I think they are focusing on Large aircraft first before introducing more variants of the same aircraft.


We had a MAX 8 waiting in the production line but unfortunately it’s currently at Boeing HQ for retrofitting…


how about an airbus neo?

As a mod I’ve done a bit to get the Neo going…


I wonder which livery it’s wearing…

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All of them :joy: