A bugs life?



First and for all, I realy love the game. But several things start bothering me.

  1. Despite providing plenty of check in desks, I get the message there are no available check in desks (I have more check in desks than gates).
  2. Airport staff, sometimes they arrive one hour after initial boarding should begin, despite the fact I have a sufficient numbre of staff and even staff rooms close to the gates
  3. Passengers are not boarding, they are just standing before the gate despite boarding allready started and boarding time has even passed. Sometimes they are in the security line almost at the time the plane will have to take off.
  4. Planes do not take off. They stand still at the stand, even one hour after the gate should have been closed but some passengers haven’t boarded but there is no queu at the gate
  5. one AC was blocking its stand because it had no path to the runway. EVERY plane found its way, there is a runway acces etc. I tried debugging with the debugging panel. Didn’t work.

It only seems to happen as from the moment the airport gets bigger. So sometimes when I’m still full of plans for my airport, I have to abandon since it’s not operating as it should :frowning: . But nevertheless, I still love the game and hope you keep on with the great stuff you guys are doing.


  1. medium gates need 2 check in desks, small ones 1, do the math
  2. this is worked on
  3. set the delay warning on Manual, dismiss the plane, what makes it easier, name the stands with unique ID’s to recognize patterns on stand related issues
  4. a reload does wonders in such cases, dont forget to bug-report first.

  1. Make sure you have enough airport staff to operate boarding desk. (Per desk you need 2 staff) Also make sure staff can pass in between secure and non-secure zones.


This should be working as of Alpha 29.4-4, also a few other bugs mentioned might resolve with that version. Which were you playing on? 29.4-4 was deployed on the default branch this morning.

Completely off topic: The title of this thread brings me back…


thanks for the reply. Completely forgot about the two desks, didn’t play after a while and that tiny detail escaped my mind :slight_smile:


Alrighty, I have only one desk per medium stand (the two that I have), will up that to two. Although, generally boarding works fine with just one, only the odd pax that misses their flight because they are wondering around the airport, buying food 2 minutes before the flight is due to depart, or doing who knows what in the toilets.