A few little things

I tidied-up my save file folder today, and wanting the files I wanted also deleted from Steam cloud, deleted all the save files I didn’t want via the menu option in-game.

  1. Is there any way we can make a multiple selection of the files we wish to delete - it’s a bit of a drag having to do it file-by-file.
  2. In this file list - and all the other file lists in-game - the option you select doesn’t change shade to indicate the entry you have selected - this can cause some consternation when you think that the file you just deleted was the wrong one, or the save you selected to load was the wrong one and you have to go through the file selection process and wait for the game to load again…

I was observing the Ramp Agents loading the baggage onto small aircraft, and they take the bags two at a time from the baggage truck and take them to the aircraft OK, except the last one or two, which they take from the truck, the truck drives away, then the bag(s) disappear from the RAs hands instead of them being taken to the aircraft - the aircraft departs normally as if the last bags had been loaded to the cargo bay.

Can the option ‘GA/Commercial’ be added to the taxiway hold point options - I sometimes want to give Commercial aircraft RoW over the GA at certain points, and they are both ‘small aircraft’…

Point 2 is reported and pending on the Trello board. :slight_smile:

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Double-clicking a file on the load and delete screens to ‘action’ it would be nice too.
On the save screen, typing the file name then pressing <return>, it would be nice if <return> counted as clicking <Save>. I have lost several saves forgetting that this isn’t a ‘thing’.

Double Click is working in Beta 2… not on the delete screen, there it also starts to load the game now.

This also happens on medium flights as well when you use a belt loader. The last bags that the ramp agents handle and any left on the belt before they get to the aircraft disappear and the flight leaves with about 6 or so less bags however it doesn’t impact the departure of the aircraft as the flight doesn’t record how many bags it expects.

I always found it amusing that the baggage loaded onto the aircraft is usually less than half the number of passengers on the flight and I know that not every person on a flight will check a bag in I just thought this number would be higher, especially when it looks like nearly every passenger checks in a bag.

Yes, I think the ratio of bags:PAX is a bit low, but I suppose it’s dependent on the airlines. Traditional long-haul airlines (think BA et al) would check a lot of bags in to each flight; short-haul and Budget airlines (RyanAir) would see a lot more walk-on luggage, the latter mainly due to the exorbidant fees they charge for checked-in baggage…