A little bus improvement idea


I have an idea on how to make buses “better”:
If you click on a bus, you can read where the bus came from, it’s always the nearest city.
I thought that there could be more variations of these, that buses can depart from a few cities nearby. Maybe even it would be possible too add more bus platforms, for example:
-City Bus Platform: It would be a stop of nearest city’s public transport network (Maybe model could be a city bus instead of coach).
-Intercity Bus Platform: Buses from further cities would park there.
-International Bus Platform: It would be the stopping point of buses departing from cities in a reasonable distance from the airport, but in a different country (For example Buses from Berlin Airport could arrive from Poznan, Prague etc.)
There could be some more bus liveries too.


I got a similar idea about it, although I find that your idea is also very good: