A Short Update on the Progress of Week 42 & 43


Good evening everyone! :studio_microphone:

This week’s devlog is slightly delayed due to time constraints, but we’d thought we’d take the opportunity as we’ve done a few times before just to do a smaller, less-effort, update here on the Forum to keep you informed on what’s going on. This and the past week I have been working from a house in Florida while visiting my family and in the meantime Fredrik has taken the time to remodel his kitchen and visit Florence. This means that we’ve mainly been working on laptops which are not suited for bug solving but instead been focusing on organizational work and new development, especially regarding the upcoming rendering performance overhaul; since we’ve been locked to poorly performing laptops it makes a lot of sense to focus on actively dealing with the pain points of running the game on such low-end machines.

This overhaul is very significant and has taken a lot of resources to get in, both in terms of initial research on which path to take but also in terms of the actual implementation of that chosen path, but we’re slowly seeing the end of this tunnel and are preparing for the initial internal testing. As mentioned before, this change is not only expected to bring improved performance but also new person visuals and appearance and way better animations.

In excess of this, there are a few bug fixes in the pipeline and minor additions to the experimental branch as can bee seen on the public Trello but we’re at this point not yet ready to release this. We’ve also got a Forum hosting move coming up soon (again… yes) with the purpose of dealing with the slow loading issue for aussie visitors.

Anyway, we’ll try to get a devlog together as soon as possible (hopefully this week). Next week we’re both back in Sweden and work will pick up as per usual for the rest of the year! :slight_smile:


Us Australians get love down here, yay!