A Traffic Tool

Feature request title:

Airport Traffic Control Tool


I actually have two ideas. The first idea is a tool that empower players to takeover the ATC and command individual aircrafts. And select paths for individual aircrafts.
The first idea seems to take some time to implement. So I came up with a second idea, which is to assign landing/take off runway(s) to stands, So that players would have an idea of the traffic direction.

Why it should be implemented:

It’s known that the current pathfinding algorithm is kind of primitive. I guess by my observation that junctions are based on the time each aircraft requests the route. And the weird thing is that even an aircraft arrives at the junction first, it has to wait for another aircraft on the other side of the airport to pass.

The other issue is that it seems the aircrafts choose a random runway (or the one with lighter traffic?) to take off and land. So the aircraft may travel all the way to the other side of the map to take off even when there’s an available runway right next to it.

Eventually the two issues added up. In one of my recent built airport I have a runway at both side of the terminal. (kinda common design I believe) And the issue became an aircraft chose the runway at the other side and it taxis across the airport. As it requested the route when pushback, every aircraft request routes after that have to wait for this aircraft to pass the junctions first. In an airport with heavy traffic, such as mine, this can cause the whole traffic stuck waiting for one plane and dozens of aircrafts just piled on the taxi way waiting for nothing.

I really appreciate you guys for this amazing game and I understand that air traffic controlling is a tough job for a real ACT. Big shout out to all the developers! I wish it can help with the traffic and maybe the pathfinding algorithms eventually.

Thank you guys so much!

That is the main issue which holds me away from playing at the moment. I hope this has the main priority before the land expansion will be added, otherwhise that feature makes no sense. :slight_smile: