Ability to change airport logo (and have it shown) [implememted]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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I would love to be able to change my airport logo and also be able to see it everywhere and have a giant sign of it.


the logo can already be seen on you’re service vehicals

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I’m afraid you’ll have to start a new airport to see the logos on your vehicles

you can now put your logos on floors! which is pretty cool. The latest experimental branch! Check it out! You will find these in the decorations menu next to plants. A few of the locations I tried placing these logos are: Floors, sidewalks, runways, taxiways, stands, depot grounds, etc… Some places it doesn’t work are roads, grass…


I also figured out how to change your logo for your old airports. I think. At least for new airports this works. I have not tried for a previous version airport yet.

Go into saved files, you will see 2 logo files. logo.png and rendered_logo.png. Change those to any image you want your logo to be. must be 256x256 in size. I tried 512x512 first and it didn’t resize for vehicles. it was too big.


I think it might work if you load your older saves in the new experimental branch and save the game in the new version.

then go and see if you can place a logo.png and rendered_logo.png image in the saved file and see if that works. Ill try that next…

Update 1: so I saved my old airport that was A32.1-0 in the newest experimental branch version. it added 2 blank logos to the save files… I updated those and am now waiting to see if those logos show up when I load the airport again.

Update 2: Yes this does work!!! Open old airport. Then save in current Experimental Branch Version of game. Then go into save files, Edit 2 logo files. Then open airport back up and you will have airport logos at your old saved airports!

2 logo files you can change in saved files

Logos on floors

Logo when it was 512x512

Logo when changed to 256x256

So cool, got it to work for me! Thanks

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@Olof Again, implimentated.

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