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Passengers do not go thru security

I do have some issues with passengers, even with 10 Security Points, all within the Security and Open area, the Passengers into the terminal to the gates all stop and holds just outside the Security Exit and do NOT use none of the Security Checkpoints even if they are all green an operative…

Service car route is weird. instead of driving left, all cars go sraight and make a Turnaround…

routing of baggage belts - if you build a loop anticlockwise the corners act properly, and remained aligned with the flow in correct direction - if you try build it clockwise the corners end up going against the flow. Gets even worse when you’re trying to do a baggage belt that snakes around.

OK this isn’t really a bug, but I have to agree with this completely. It’s really getting on my nerves now. Instead of (any) trucks making a left-hand turn, they have to go to the end of the road and make a u-turn and then hit the intersection they want and then make a right-hand turn.

SimCity 5 all over again.

This is a really annoying AI bug, or maybe a node bug for service roads. There is no node created at t-intersections (I’m guessing) and they can’t make a turn where they are supposed to.

This “bug” is also causing major delays because baggage carts have to go all the way around the airport before they turn around and come back to the stand. It happens more often with fully loaded baggage carts than with empty ones, if that helps the devs.

i just want to report this bug because it says the plane is going to africa but instead the location mark says that it is going to a different country.

known, south sudan has a lot of airports… :smiley:

With the new UI I cannot procure trucks. It’s jammed. Anyone who knows how to work around it?

I have experienced numerous times security checkpoints I do not want manned flipping from deactivated to activated. I have also experienced operations toggles such as baggage handling toggling off of their own accord.