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Airport Information Displays Suggestions

With airports we have information displays from tv screens and split flap display, I think the Devs will eventually consider giving us this objects to place all around the airport for the passengers to be informed.

I thought while at it they can give us an option where maybe we can double click or click an icon toggle ON/OFF the displays so we can view all the flight information from their call signs, destinations and flight status like what we always see in an airport.

In addition, give us a choice of display formats whether it is from the tv screen or the split flaps.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Where do I apply to participate in the translation of the game in different languages? Advance thanks.


I think Devs didn’t emphasise on realism or they maybe don’t want to make their colleagues to feel complicated. So there are some unlogical stuff… I hope the Devs can fix it

  1. Malaysia and countries in the Equador region dont have winter. Yet, winter exist in game
  2. How can a Cessena fly from Asia to America non stop?


Smaller cheaper vehicle depots with vehicle limits


A cargo system with a sorting system and real cargo planes.