ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

Aeromar from Mexico with ATR42 and ATR72 is finished and online now

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I would kindly ask for some of the US airlines: Delta, American Airlines and United that use large (wide body) aircraft in their fleets. We have the North American airlines that seem to top out at medium gate sized airplanes Boeing 757-200 or Airbus A321, but lack the 767, 777, 787 or A330, A340, A350. For reference I have linked fleet stats for the three previous airlines:

Thank you for your consideration.

Large American Airlines aircraft:

Delta (with large aircraft):

Just United that appears to be missing large aircraft

Thanks for the info!

AA is comming next week with whole fleet, i am working on

As a reminder, here is the list of all real airlines, sortable by plane size, country, modder and so on
Airlines from our group have the steam link inside…!AnJ6e9c-a76fqssiNly8BaBqpKMncQ

Thanks a bunch!

@Sponge do you prefer only the Bae146 for Ansett NZ or should I add a DHC8-400 as alternative for the DHC8-100? The Bae146 is the only original plane we have available in ACEO.

Ansett Australia’s Fleet could include:

  • A320
  • BAe 146
  • B737-600 (For B737-300)
  • B747-400
  • CRJ200
  • DHC6
  • B757-200 (For B767)

Yeah, I’m doing A320, B736, B744 and BAe146. I still expect that the B767 will come to ACEO, so I wait with that.
Haven’t noticed the DHC6 yet, I will check that as well.

The CRJ I see for Kendell Airlines… I can add that as a contract too.


Hey guys, would appreciate if someone can do the new scheme for Cebu Pacific, and maybe the a330 as well.

Can you please incorporate these designs to the the Ghana Airways mod and add large planes as well please?

Could someone please make the Aurigny livery too :slight_smile:

ATR72, E195

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@zzed_41 will add them to our to do list

@Kasee thas a new airline rigth? Because the other Ghana Airways mod i think it is a ceased airline

@Mickey will add them too

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Will the American Airlines mod include the BAe-146 (American Airlines had the BAe-146 from 1987 to 1994), the photo with the livery is seen below:

Just actually fleet and livery, but historic AA Mod is also planned

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Will do!

Ghana Airways is being relaunched by the Government of Ghana

I have that on my list and with new and old livery. Can’t say at the moment when I begin.


American Airlines with following fleet is now online:
E190, B737-800, B757-200, A319, A320, A321, A330-200, A330-300, B777-200, B777-300, B787-8, B787-9