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We have this and other planned airlines on the radar but they still have no IATA or ICAO registered. Until then it would be a fictional airline. :confused:


Do you also have a complete Air Berlin mod on the list? They do have many versions and special liveries including one cool one with a bird painted on the side :smiley:

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Sadly all too old and without big birds.


Southwest Airlines Historical Special Livery

     * coming to an airport near you soon ™️ *

Shamu One, Two and Three (Desert Gold)

Shamu One, Two and Three (Canyon Blue)

  • Shamu One Canyon Blue never had Wifi Bubble)


Southwest Airlines Silver One Special Livery

      * 4 Generations * 
  1. Silver One - Silver (Desert Gold Fin)
  2. Silver One - Grey (Canyon Blue Fin )
  3. Silver One - Canyon Blue Livery
  4. Silver One - Bold Blue (Heart) Livery


Southwest Airlines Desert Gold Retro Special Liveries

        * coming to an airport near you soon! ™️ *
  1. The Herbert D. Kelleher
  2. Southwest Classic
  3. Metallic One



so, here it is
Aerolineas Argentinas receive a B737 MAX 8 :slight_smile: Thanks to @twocflyer for the engines…
Note: ingame it will be shown as multi livery cause base aircraft remains B737-800


===(ML)Update on Air Malta===

  • Improved all A320s
  • Added “we’re back” livery
  • split contract in Acutal and Retro
  • Move A320s SL “La Valetta”, “Retro” and “Nickelodeon” to Retro Contract
  • Move A319 to Retro contract
  • Added BAE146, B737-600 and B737-800 to Retro Contract


Southwest Airlines - Maryland One Special Livery

coming to an airport near you soon! :tm:



Helvetic Airways got a Retro Contract:

  • Added A319
  • Added Fokker in the 2 Liveries that existed


I was trying to create DEN and of those listed as flying to DEN I only am missing Denver Air Connection, Icelandair, and Norwegian.

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Im curious to see how your DEN recreation looks :slight_smile:

Well… to be clear… will not look like DEN… just want the airlines aligned with real DEN airlines. :grinning:
If only I can get some of your Mod Airlines to send me contracts… seems like even at 5 star airport some take forever to send contracts.
Delta is an example.
Must I have Delta Connection contract accepted prior to being offered Delta?
Not sure what else I need to do.
dawed’s American is doing the same for me (not all yours :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Hope you’ll consider Texas One or whatever that Livery was called… also Shamu

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Ill look into Delta and Delta Connection right now. From what I remember I set them to 3 or 4 start not 5 star but ill check

Ive already made Texas One and Shamu One, Two and Three :slight_smile:

Do you have any other Mods you are subbed to that have the same name as Delta ? that would create a conflict and the one that was uploaded to steam first would be the one that would show up only

Only Real US & CA Airlines by Dubinek (not sure how he names airlines within that mod)
But… don’t have that mod enabled in the game.

Yes if they named the airline the same then mine would not show up

Also how many are you subbed too? there is a limit of about 120-150 contract Steam Subbed limit. Not Mods but actual contracts in those mods. I just checked Delta and Delta Connection and they are 4 start and 3 star respectively

Lets take this to DM so we don’t clog the Topic

When will the Concorde and Tu-144 be added in the mods? :stuck_out_tongue: :innocent: :heart_eyes: :rofl:

They are too fast to catch. So give a bit more time. :stuck_out_tongue: