ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

Next fictional userwish is online now:
Skywind Airlines with A319 & A320 & A321


Looks amazing thanks a lot

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Not that i remember (and i checked all steam mods when i complete did our excel list)

I would love to see WestJet with the mainline fleet and Encore.

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Thank you very much for your offer :slight_smile: The problem is that trello , and also that here is not much work , because we all do that together. But we realy need help at modding , we have now a crazy long list with airlines/shops (over 150 airlines open to do) etc that are open to do. Sure you say you are not good in that , but we can help you with that.
It is not so difficult. If you know how it works, it is easy.
So if you want to help us , that is what we need , more help at modding :thinking:
If you want to help us with creating mods , just let us know that :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

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West Jet has a couple of versions available in Mod Manager. Though the old livery. I really should do the new style and update it.

Westjet is already on our trello list, i hope someone will do that soon , maybe our US/Canada Specialst twocflyer ???

United Airlines & United Express

“Out with the Gold, in with the Blue!” United Mainland & Regional Fleet

United has a new livery, and its time to add it to ACEO! As United describes it, with this new livery it’s “out with the gold, in with the blue.”

This is a big development for United, since it’s the first new livery they’ve introduced since United and Continental merged, and will be part of a larger rebranding.

So, what are the major design elements of United’s new livery?

  • Blue is the predominant color in the new livery, with three different shades, which United describes as Rhapsody Blue, United Blue, and Sky Blue
  • “Connecting people. Uniting the world” is painted near the nose on each plane, to further connect United to their purpose
  • Both the engines and winglets are being painted in solid blue
  • The globe logo on the tail is larger than before
  • Plane bellies are being painted “Runway Gray”
  • The “swoop” that’s currently on the 787 will be added to other planes as well

New Blue Livery on all of United’s Fleet

United Airlines ACEO Mainland Fleet

A319, A320, B737800 & B757200

Steam Link







Flight Planner

United Express ACEO Regional Fleet

CRJ200, CRJ700 & E170

Steam Link






Flight Planner


I am working on North American Airlines so I will get WestJet mainland and Encore completed soon.


Allegiant Air MOD PACK!


Sun Country Airlines MOD PACK!

Allegiant Air MOD PACK

Allegiant Air Fleet Liveries

Fleet Images

Allegiant Air MOD PACK includes:

The pack comes with multiple contracts including a contract with all aircraft, with the Blue Liveries as the main livery. It also includes a contact for each livery/aircraft so that you can sign a contract for the aircraft you wish to use. In total there are 6 contracts included (1 contract for all aircraft liveries & 5 individual aircraft livery contracts)

A319 - Blue OL & Las Vegas Golden Knights SL

A320 - Blue OL & Colors NL

B757200* - Blue OL (retired from fleet)

*= I will be fixing this livery soon as its an older version I did and not consistent with the A319 & A320.
OL = Old livery
NL = New Livery
SL = Special Livery

To be added later:

A320 - Make a Wish & Visit Flordia Liveries!

Steam Link


A319 Blue OL

A319 Las Vegas Golden Knights SL

A320 Blue OL

A320 Colors NL

B757200 Blue OL


Flight Planner

Sun Country Airlines MOD PACK

Sun Country Airlines Fleet Liveries

Fleet Images

Sun Country Airlines MOD PACK includes:

The pack comes with multiple contracts including a contract with all 3 liveries, with the Blue Liverie as the main livery. It also includes a contact for each livery so that you can sign a contract for the aircraft you wish to use. In total there are 4 contracts included (1 contract for all aircraft liveries & 3 individual livery contracts)

B737800 - Blue Livery

B737800 - BlueS Livery

B737800 - Orange Livery

Steam Link


Preparing for the Mod

At the Gates

Winglets on all 3 liveries

B737800 Blue Livery

B737800 BlueS Livery

B737800 Orange Livery


Flight Planner

Next aircraft to come:


Stay tuned for it…

okay here is a hint of what I am working on next. Can anyone guess what Airline, aircraft and/or what livery?

Here is another section hint:

yup! you got it right @Gerwanese !! congrats !! It is WestJet’s B737800 Special Livery - Disney’s Frozen. This will be out soon. But first I need to work on a couple more WestJet Liveries before I upload it to Steam. But for now, here is a sneak preview…

@Colorado1 as requested, I am working on WestJet and Encore. Below is a sneak preview of what is to come! :smiley: :snowflake:

WestJet Frozen Livery Sneak Peak

Working on WestJet…

Loving those winglets!


Westjet with Disney’s Frozen special livery. :slight_smile:

Actually my first association was Alaskan Airlines for the ice picture and Hawaiian for the umbrella picture. Sounds like a weird mix I guess. :laughing:


Nice to see them in use! Verry happy they fit the requests :slight_smile:


Thank you so much

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What about some burmese airlines like “Myanmar National Airlines” & “Myanmar Airways International”???
In terms of aesthetics, MNA is more beautiful
They have 3 aircraft types in the fleet; 737-800, E190 & ATR72.

Edit: All the liveries are linked below. I’d appreciate if you’d consider making these beautiful liveries.
For MAI, they only have Airbus A319.

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MNA is allready on our todo list in trello
we will add MAI too thank you


I am working on a bigger mod and i’m super busy at all
but to keep up a bit the pace, i deside to do Air Choice One in a lunch break

Sadly 1900D still not available for modding, but the Cessna 208 is ready:


Silk Air possible???

Since all the Silk Air’s fleet are narrowbody aircrafts.
B737-800 & MAX 8 variants

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it is on our todo list :slight_smile:


Thanks alot <3

Northern Europe Pack will get a small little update in the weekend :slight_smile: If the picture doesn’t talk for itself, then i’ll just hint to that SAS will reveal their new identity and livery on Thursday :slight_smile:

South Korea Pack will also get a small little update. One new airline getting added (Fly Gangwon) and adding in an Asiana Airlines A320 :slight_smile: