ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

Ill try to do one :slight_smile:

Van Air is a small stand operator :slight_smile: (European)

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Pegasus online tomorrow! :smiley: A bit late sorry :wink:

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Malaysia Airlines is now also online here:


@parillos @Megahenrik
That’s Air France/HOP! done! :grinning:


Just because there seems to be a shortage with E170 liveries and airlines, I would suggest People´s Viennaline.


Maybe ill do it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all these fantastic liveries!

I hope one day we will be able to set up specific destinations for each airline in order to have realistic routings.


Etihad is now also online here:


Pegasus in a special livery is online now here:


Normal Pegasus!


Korean Air 737-800 done, and I’ll up A320 to match is its good enough :slight_smile:

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Qatar Airways ?

Thank you for your wish :slight_smile: Qatar is already on our list to do :slight_smile:
here you can see what is already on our list to do:

Viennaline done :smiley:


You guys do really good work. That Peoples Viennaline EMB looks amazing, as do the other ones. I especially like the Etihad A320.

What do you guys think about doing the Boeing house colours livery and use it for a “virtual airline” called Boeing Airlines? It could go on all Boeing models that are currently available in the game.

Some impressions:

Good idea :slight_smile: But not easy to do :thinking: But comes on our list to do :slight_smile:
and Thank you for your compliments :slight_smile: The Etihad i also have done for Sim Airport , here a A380:

It is sad that we not can do a A380 also here at a-ceo :cry:
(This A380 is also a mod from my friend marineanukotilah)

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Do you still make mods for Simairport?

Yes sure :slight_smile: At moment more for aceo , but also for sim airport :slight_smile: Like you see at etihad , or American , i have done as last one . But you can not see that good , because American was already online with 2 planes. And i also overwork some older sa mods. Normaly i create 5-10 planes a day(for both games) , at moment i need a break , thats why i only do 3-5 planes a day.
At moment i work on a A321 +A330 + 787 for etihad at sa

I’m probably going to start playing
Simairport also soon