ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

No, but I did manage to get the ‘layering’ correct, aka, the windows and other decorations ‘over’ the logo, unlike your LaCompagnie (which I had already done, now that were on the subject, BTW), which has them under. :slight_smile:

So let’s not nick-pick, shall we? :wink:

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Hi , we can help you if you want :slight_smile:

No, it’s fine, I’m beyond help. No matter :slight_smile:

@Olof @Fredrik @Alexander

top secret airline entered production line :sunglasses:

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Hi , Turkish Airlines is now also online here: with A319 + A320 + 737-800

Userwish: Bassamtellawi90



Hunnu Air with A319 is now online :

wish of Julius TheCanadianAv

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Ah hmm… I did it quite a while ago… I’ve refrained massively from posting here. I’ll allow myself this one time. JetStar Japan and JetStar too. They are different liveries. Yes done them both. Icelandair too.


Hello , that maybe would not be a problem , if we would have a list with all airlines in game. :thinking:But this we not have ! Ok , we have parts of it , but not all. If everyone would also upload his mods also in a singlemod we would be able to see that very easy in the steam workshop. But here are many Mod packs. (That is no problem , but then it would be good to have a list with all mods inside. Some have that , some not. That is the problem. But i think also if we have a good overview there will be created some mods twice , because the modder for example wants a better livery , or a other plane etc.
For me the most importent is to have fun :grinning: , and if someone wants to do mods again , it is complete ok for me.

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Thank you to Rubble for sending me the ACEOMM Airline list :slight_smile:

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Here’s the online docs versions as well

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Great work guys! Could you also make the KLM 737 in normal colours and the E190 in KLM Cityhopper scheme?


Ok , comes on the list to do :slight_smile:


Hi , i write down all airlines witch are in A-CEO ! Maybe they are not complete , but the most are in.
here you find the link to that list :slight_smile:
(in Trello at description)
here you find it also in the forum: List with all real airlines in Airport CEO
I hope that helps to do things not twice :slight_smile:
Also all mod from ACEOMM and from the ACEO Modding Group are in that list , but also all other real airlines i found.


To all users out there: Above you find a link with all real airlines in game, before you ask for a airline wish,
make sure that your airlines is not already in game. And please check also our trello side , that the airline is not already on our list to do. (trello side: Feel free to send us your wishes , that helps us to find new ideas for mods.
Thank you to all , and have fun with our mods :smile:


Can I make a suggestion I could make the azul linhas aéreas brasileiras
Fleet: ATR 72-600,EMB 190,EMB 195,A320,A330,A320NEO

Do you think we could get Monarch 757-200


Hi , Azul is already in the game , but it comes on our list to do :slight_smile:

Hi Monarch is already on our list to do :slight_smile: