ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

I added it to our list to do :slight_smile:

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You doing CP air yet?

OK, SAS online now, also in blue or red :slight_smile:

Will try to get a CRJ700 version done soon :wink:


its coming

What about the Ted Airbus A320 that existed from 2004 to 2009 before being merged back into the mainline United Fleet.

OK , comes on our list :slight_smile: Also Song(Delta) would be nice too with 757-200 , or ? I put Song also on our list :slight_smile:

Sooo cool thank you! :smile:

Anybody feeling ASTRA today? :wink: :joy: :greece:

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Hmm, maybe Baltia airlines?
Here is a awesome video about the airlines, watch it here.

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But we have no 747 in game ! :thinking:


Nevermind, the livery is pretty simple :airplane:

Fun fact about baltia: It never served any passenger but it still exists. Also it exists 27 years. This was supposed to be a first airline to connect USSR and USA.

Alaska Virgin now online.


Hello! I did not have an airline = ( I do not know what the problem is = (

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Any chance the Alaska could be on an A320? I think, in real life, it is on an Airbus (A321?), not a Boeing.

Please talk to scaramonga , it is his mod, not mine , sorry :slight_smile: Maybe he can help you better :slight_smile:

its on 737s as well.

Ah, I only recall seeing it on an Airbus. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Alaska had one 737-900ER with this livery, so I did the 737-800, which is near enough :wink:

^^Updated livery with better color placement on body & engines^^

Nordica now online.

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