ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it


Could you send me a friendship offer at steam ? There we can better talk , and sure i will help you :slight_smile:


Can you do Calm Air?


they can do Austral Lineas Aereas
It is an airline of my country
here are some images



and the logo


his fleet is of embraers 190


Calm air still

& ATR42:


TAROM 737-800 RETRO livery online!

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Now includes ATR 72.


Can you make BA Cityflyer?ba-cityflyer


Sure , comes on the list to do :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!


i do E170 + E190 for BA Cityflyer :slight_smile: That i can do fast ,because i have the tail already finished (from a Sim Airport mod) Maybe tomorow ?


Danubewings almost done!

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Danube Wings now online!


Adria mod now has CRJ700 :smiley:


The BA CityFlyer mod is online in my Modair V1.1.4 Mod .


In the game atm the Air France have the retro painting, can you make the one they have today?
Also Brussels Airlines have some anniversary painting, can you also make this the one they use today?


Sure we can do that , but that needs time , because we have very much airline wishes at moment. But we will do it , for sure :slight_smile:


Could i see some pictures for that ? It is hard to do that without. And i’m not sure that we do the right one.
It would be good if you can say me what colors you want , and what logos etc. Thank you in advance of that :slight_smile: (PS for your ASOT fictional airline)


Hello again, ofc.
So the name Will be ASOT AIR,

And This first picture is how i imagine the transistion from blue to purple on the aircraft body. Here you can also see the logo. I image it Says ASOT like next to the door of the aircraft. Kinda like Air France does it.

And In this picture the top Orange thins is the logo. In my mind the Engines are orange or white, and the logo it self is printed on the engine in purple or orange.


I would like to see some new U.S.A. mods + some revisions to the ones we have

Delta Connection - CRJs & EMBs (if we can mod them yet)
Horizon Air - ATRs
United Express - CRJs & EMBs
Hawaiian - A321s
Silver Airways - ATRs

American/Delta Air Lines - include A319/A321 with A320, 737s, & 757
United Airlines - include A319 with A320, 737s, & 757
JetBlue - include A321 with A320
Spirit Airlines - include A319/A321 with A320
Alaska Airlines - include A320/A321 with 737s
Frontier Airlines - include A319/A321 with A320

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We currently don’t have A321mod kit … @Fredrik ? When is that coming ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow that are a lot , all come on the list to do . The Frontier A320 is in my mod modair V1.1.4
Thank you for all your wishes :slight_smile:


Thank you for the pictures that helps a lot