ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it


Hi , at moment we have so much airline wishes , that we realy need help. If there are any Modders out there who wants to help us , you are very welcome. At moment we get more wishes then we can do. We already create around 6 airlines a day , but we get much more wishes. BUT all wishes are welcome , espacialy that airlines witch are not in the game. Thank you to you all :smile:


We’re having too many wishes at the moment, if you’re an modder please come and help us out. For that reason we decided that we will delay some projects. Sorry for inconveniences.


many people putting company in Europe. I have some suggestions
BOA boliviana de aviación (Bolivia)
Fleet: 737-300,737-500,737-800,737-700,767-300ER,CRJ-200
Yakutia airlines (Russia)
Fleet: 737-800,737-7Max,DASH 8-Q300,DASH 8-Q400, Sukhoi superjet 100-95
Air Macau: (Macao)
Amaszonas líneas aéreas (Bolivia)
Fleet:CRJ 200,DASH 8-Q200
Elite Airways (USA)
Fleet: CRJ 100,CRJ 200,CRJ 700
Swoop airlines (CANADA)


Philippine Airlines A320, DCH-8
Air Phil Express A320
Cebu Pacific A320
And Hong Kong Airlines A320


Thank you for all user wishes :slight_smile: At moment you overrun us with wishes , thank you , we need your ideas , but we will need a long time to do all wishes. But we will trie to do all ! Sorry that you must wait a little bit at your wish. But we do our best to create it as fast as possible :slight_smile:


Hello , your wish S7 Airlines is now online in my Modair Mod V1.1.5 but because we got so many airline wishes i have done only the E170 + A320 , the A319+737-800 comes later. I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Hello , the airline Swoop is online now in my Modair Mod . I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Normaly i would do also the winglets , but that i can not do at that plane :wink:


Carpatair done! In MyEuro modpack!

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Finnair! :grinning:


How can you send a friendship offer? I’m very new profile in the forum


Hi , Silver Airways is online now , in my Modair V1.1.7 mod

I hope you will like it :slight_smile:


That i can do , but only at steam , and i must know your steam name. It is easyer for you , just click on my mod , then on my profile , and send me a friendship offer . I will accept it . And i’m also new here in this forum

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Ernest also a userwish is online now in my modair mod :slight_smile:

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Hi , here is your fictional airline wish , the 737-600 in around that colors you wanted. It was not easy , say me please of it is like you want it :slight_smile:

If you like it , i will upload it :slight_smile:

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WOW i’m blown away, that works perfectly :).


For the future, there is ofc alot of color variations to play with, if there is one thing that i would like, it is a bit darker blue in the front. But don’t do that now :slight_smile: You fulfilled my wish. I am so grateful, that looks so awesome <3


Thank you , i upload it , i just test it before :slight_smile:


It is online now , in a extra ASOT Air Mod :


Looks really cool :smiley: i can’t thank you enough for your awesome work. <3


Thank you very much :slight_smile: I normaly do mostly real airlines. :slight_smile: Importent i uploaded it as a extra ASOT Mod. , it is not in my normal modair mod. There i only put in real airlines .