ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it


My wish Is Air Berlin!
Yes i know …
But in my opinion liveries from Air Berlin would be Reallöhne cool :sunglasses:




Thank you so much :heart_eyes: , the liveries are lively :drooling_face:


I agree, and they are making my realistic rebuild look like they ought to! :smiley: THANK YOU!


Thank you for your wishes :slight_smile: , also thank you that you like our work :smile:
but at moment we have nearly 60 airline wishes open to do , it will take some time to do all wishes :slight_smile: We work hard to create your wishes, but at moment we got more as we can do :slight_smile:
So if anymone want to help us , talk to us :wink:

Sorry that we do some wishes faster then others , but at some airlines i have all logos and the tail complete ready(from Sim Airport mods) , so thats the reason why i can do that mods faster , then the others where i must do all new. But also the other wishes we do as fast as possible :wink:
and send us your wishes , we do it , it just needs some time !


Please go to my steam profile (at steam) , and there is a button for that where you can send a friendship offer :wink: here is the link to my profile:
but you must have a steam account !


Swiss with A319 + A320 is now also online here:


Austral is online now , i hope you like it :smile:

here you find it :
I know maybe a little bit to dark ? but i hope you still like it :wink:


@modair how about an A319 for British Airways wearing their “retro livery” that they just presented today. It is the old “British European Airways - BEA” livery.



Comes on the list to do :slight_smile:

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a suggestion: boliviana de avicion fleet
737-300,737-800,737-700,767-300ER,CRJ 200
some photos to help
crj 200



Bolivania is already on our list to do , please check our trello board first because at moment we have over 70 airlines on that list :slight_smile:




thank you so much


My take on ‘Spirit’ :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s very nice, but logos should be a lot lower…
Also are you trying to show off you’re better then us? :thinking: :wink:
Anyways do you want to join modders team?


Anybody wants more retro liveries ? I love making them :slightly_smiling_face:… Tho I’ll be offline this week I have work :confused:


As much as I personally detest American, I really enjoy their retrojet livery (737 & 757)

And then their heritage jets showcasing all the other airlines they’ve “engulfed” in their time. (PSA, Allegheny, TWA, US Airways, America West, AirCal etc) - all done on either A319s, A320s, or 737s I believe.


Austrian introduced a brand “new” retro livery a few days ago, I bet you guys can give it a shot.


I’ll put them to list tomorrow​:slightly_smiling_face: I’ll try doing chrome part :wink: