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western pacific airlines would be interesting


Hi , Thank you for your idea. But with what planes you want CP Air ? Because we have no aircraft they have used. Maybe 737-600 ?
and in what livery ? the orange livery ? (maybe you can show us a picture ? ):thinking:

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Hi Thank you for your idea :slight_smile: But what livery you want ? They have used a lot special one .


I like the idea of CP Air. They certainly need a Boeing 737 (either -600 or -800) and in my opinion it should be in the Orange livery.

You can see a lot of pictures here: CP Air Livery Examples


And what’s so funny? =/


Perferribly Orange livery’s. Also on the 737-800 & 737-600 update it with the other planes when you can


Also can you do 757 for the 767, And the BAE146 for the 707 temporally?


Thank you :slight_smile: Comes on the list to do :slight_smile:


It’s a long standing Dev joke…


Air Canada is now also online with E190 + A319 + A320 here :

I hope you will like it :slightly_smiling_face:


Beautiful! Great work!


Thank you :smile: But Air Canada has also a beautifull livery :wink:


Would it be possible for you to add British Midland International to your waiting list, thanks!


Sure we can do that :slight_smile: with A319+A320 or also as flyBMI ok with CRJ200 (we not have a E145) ?


With the crj200 as well if possible :slight_smile:


Does Westjet have the Q400 yet?


you can do the 737 800 of aerolineas argentinas and flybondi.
Here I leave some images

and flybondi


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@scaramonga Hey, I was looking at your work it’s great! If you want you can join our team send friend request to modair via steam. :blush: Thank you


Yes it have Q400 as Westjet Encore :slight_smile: