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Hey guys, just wanted to say what a great job yall have done with bug fixes since the release of the game. I remember the days when it was time to expand the airport and boom!!! the FPS dropped to 2-3. I have recently built a pretty good sized airport… 4 small stands for GA, 6 small stands for contract flights, and added on a terminal with 4 medium sized stands for contracted flights. I could probably drop the passengers per flight but I noticed my frames were down to 6-8 fps. I have a very updated rig, so i will tweak some options and see if I can get it back to normal fps.


  1. Have you guys thought about adding a CARGO STORAGE? This adds the aspect of creating a cargo airport. This should also come with additional contracts for company’s similar to Fedx, UPS, and DHL. Have three different sizes to match the needs for your airport. You can still have a passenger airport and have cargo strorage.

  2. COLD STORAGE- This could be used for additional income as well as Cargo Storage. This should be a requirement for certain Airlines. Have 3 different sizes that grow with your airport.

  3. Actually have a building for the TURNAROUND service. Have 3 different sizes for this as well. This should be customizeable to have different contract types for different airlines or have all turnarounds have the same contract.

  4. More buildings should be able to be placed on the Passenger arrival side of the terminal. There should be ADMIN buildings that need to be built to handle contracts. The more contracts you have the more admin buildings you may need. Have three different sizes for this as well for each one can process more contracts than the previous version.

  5. Have LONG and SHORT stay parking garages with AMTRAC type transfer service to the terminal. This will add functionality to the arrival side, add a source of income, and strategic planning for constructing the AMTRAC Railway and arrival and departure station within the terminal.

  6. Maybe think about having HOTEL contracts to surround the passenger arrival side. This brings in more contracts, which means more admin buildings, and also brings in more tourist and revenue.

  7. Make it mandatory to have a FIRESTATION and POLICE Station… The FIRESTATION should be connected to a service road that has access to the runway and taxi ways. The POLICE STATION will keep crime and terror threats down and also make the passengers feel more comfortable with their airport and flying experience.

  8. AIRPORT MAINTENANCE and AIRPLANE MAINTENANCE. Have these two separate buildings to cut down on time and cost of maintenance. AIRPLANE MAINTENANCE should basically be a hangar that planes roll into when in need of repairs. AIRPORT MAINTENANCE Should provide a building to hold service repairmen and Service vehicles.

  9. Must have OFFICES for each Executive. There also needs to be more custom features as far as furniture, art, doors, door types, the food areas should transform the look like the company of the contract you sign (coffee shop should look like a coffee shop and a bar should look like a bar), add moving walkways, paging service, terminal labeling, the more you can customize the better.

10… the fps later in games… if there has to be a complete overhaul to fix this and change the initial scripting or type of programming that actually slows the game down… then it should be done on the side as a huge update/roll out. To make this game last through the ages and to be able to be forever updated this is the number one fix. If i cant build a super international airport like D/FW International and have to settle for a Love Field type, I will forever be Dissatisfied. ( on that thought… the area you select for your airport should have a level showing the likelihood of domestic, international, cargo, and tourist traffic that would be possible through the airport). But please, no matter what the cost is, you need to reconfigure the game to fix the issue. The income you have coming from the game might be nice for now… but to make it last… this has to be resolved… or if you have to come out with AIRPORT CEO 2 with everything fixed. I would love to be a part of that team. I have certifications that may qualify for a position.

Thank you for the game and keep up the hard work. There are people out there that makes this airports a hobby not just a game so keep that in mind.

Brandon Frazier


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