Air Traffic Controller / PA announcements


I don’t really like the idea of that. It would be cool but really annoying after a while. ATC really isn’t the point of this game.


ATC is a vital part of the game, you have to upgrade that to be able to have a safe running airport. You also have to have ATC so you have a bigger aircraft capacity, meaning more income


Yes airports need air traffic control for a safe airport but they don’t need a tower even for commercial aircraft, and at a commercial airport.


They do need a tower.

At least there needs to be a room where the aerodrome controllers can have visual contact with the entire operational airfield in order to safely control the aircraft on the ground and on approach to and on the runways.


Smaller airfields might not have a tower. The tower has a number of functions

  • It may contain radar operators. But smaller airfields might not have radar
  • It may contain approach / departure operators, but smaller airfields might not have this (or only a few hours each day)
  • The prime reason for a tower: It may contain ground operators, that handle ground movement (but again, some airfields may only have these a few hours each day). If you have 1 landing strip with a single taxiway, with only small aircraft (cessna and whatever) there is no reason for a tower, since you have enough visibility


Depends if you have a controlled or uncontrolled airfield, I’m presuming we’re gonna be constructing controlled airfields.

Uncontrolled airfields the pilots just announce where they are and make informed decisions about what to do.


Well actually there are commercial airports that don’t have a control tower. Like the Yampa Valley airport, in Steamboat, Colorado. It’s a Non-towered commercial airport with four major U.S. Carriers that serve the airport along with their regional affiliates that serve the airport. So commercial airports don’t technically need a tower.


And the airport can handle as large as a Boeing 757.


I’m not quite sure I get your point… There are small non commercial airfields with towers too…


What I’m saying is that commercial airfields that can have large aircraft land at the airfield like an Boeing 757 can have no tower at the airport.


I never said they couldn’t…? Though it is quite uncommon, if that’s your point?


This is definatly a cool idea, I think to add to it the devs could make sounds specific to the aircraft you are near to. For Example if your next to a B757 it’s way louder than an ATR 72.


Yes that was my point. That it is ver uncommon to have commercial airports that can support wide body aircraft to not have an control tower.


@Colorado1 and @Bigbigcheese, that is not what this is about. Like @me123 said, think the ATC should be basic, as if there are 3 runways with tons of daily departures, it would get SO annoying.


Although our conversation may be more suited to the other ATC related thread it is still somewhat relevant to the topic. The ATC itself shouldn’t be basic at all, that ruins all the fun. But maybe it’s not so prudent that the conversations are blaring aloud. It would be nice to zoom into a plane at the gate and hear them request departure and route clearances and then push back and then taxi as it does the actions it’s saying. But it’s not entirely necessary and maybe the engine noises will be more suitable for the game.

I just find ATC interesting and would love to see the whole venture simulated.


I completely agree with what you said.


Maybe a Depature and Arrival board would be awesome that can be hidden like the Outliner from Stellaris, that just highlights all the flights maybe like these


As an object in the game, which might be quite hard to fit information onto from a top down perspective? Or something at the top of our screen which we can open or close at will? The latter of which I agree with.


For those who are interested in my observations…

At my airport, PA announcements are localized in some way, depending on the message.
Paging customer to information desk: all terminal areas
Arrival messages, Airline connection instructions (customs approach, baggage retrieval, egress): customs hall and baggage carousels
Flight information updates (delays, offer to check carry-on baggage as hold baggage for free): assigned gate only
Notification and instructions of preboarding, priority boarding, and phased boarding (seat zones): assigned gate only
Notification of boarding: lounges
Final call, calling out stragglers, notification of preeminent gate closure: all post-security areas except shops and restaurants and lounges

Beyond the legal requirement to play pre-recorded messages in my country’s official languages, the airline usually opts to broadcast and make announcements in the language of the carrier and flight’s target market and if feasible, announcing to specific passengers in their presumed language based on ethnicity.

For example, if this airport is HKG (Hong Kong) and we have a CX (Cathay Pacific) flight to ICN (Seoul-Incheon), the gate agents will broadcast messages in English and Cantonese/Mandarin (the official languages of Hong Kong). Then because the destination is in Korea, the agents may additionally announce in Korean since it is the target market. Let’s say we have some passengers who are late and are being final called to the gate - the gate agent looks at the names and can reasonably assume that the passengers are French. Then if there is a French speaking gate agent, they may additionally announce in French to target those passengers. If we change the carrier from CX to JL, then on top of all those languages, the gate agents may also announce in Japanese since it is their carrier’s native language.
To sum up, if you were to fly on a JL flight from HKG to ICN, you could at least expect to hear…
English: operating country requirement, international language of business and commerce
Cantonese: operating country requirement, local market
Mandarin: operating country requirement, local market
Japanese: airline carrier
Korean: destination market

I suppose that in conjunction with the game’s GUI, contingent on the ability to zoom in/out, looking at the specific area with a prescribed range in zoom level could allow certain messages to be broadcast and heard by the player.


For what ever reason this forum topic reminds me of a scene from Airplane!.


It would be a subtle detail to the game to add PA announcements, but I believe it might have the potential to get annoyingly repetitive if not done right (limited/non-dynamic announcements). I know dynamic PA announcements would add some more complex coding as well as development time.