Aircraft do not land due to an unavailable gate warning

Guys, there has been an error, after the last update that has driven me crazy.
The following occurs: Even with the gates empty, I am receiving fines from the airline because the plane was unable to land.
To try to get around this error, I established only 1 airline per gate, I established a 30 minute difference between them, but even so the errors continue to occur, causing me to suffer fines after fines leaving my box always red.
I don’t know what to do anymore, is anyone going through this?
Do I have enough staff and vehicles and enough to meet all the demand, anyone else going through this?

It seems you have Huge delays. Can you trace the origin of that?

Also, I like to disable nightlights when I can afford too, so the game can catch up at night.

I literally canceled all airline contracts and will do everything.
After everything was canceled and the airport was empty.
I started new contracts, determining 1 company per gate. It worked well for a few hours, after that it went crazy, until yesterday everything was normal, I had 18 gates and 25 average airlines and everything was normal, yesterday I had this problem redid everything and I left it with 18 companies and the problem persists.

How is your secure zone entre speed? seems you have a very low number of security stations.

Also, is a conscious choice, to not have one way taxi lanes?

I added more check-in counters and expanded the security barriers, but I found that the delay in flights is due to the delay in the delivery of food trucks.

So my question is this, if the trucks have the capacity to transport up to 500 units, because they only transport enough for 1 flight, it does not make sense that they have to return every flight to refuel with 25 or 30 units of food, if they have the capacity of 500 units.

I have 18 medium gates and I have 18 food trucks, but the problem persists and this causes several flight delays.

Hi will2100,

I already asked this question a few month ago. Answer was “food has to be fresh” or something like that. :smile:
I usually set the minimum flight separation to 60-90 minutes as soon as I enable catering and cleaning service.

I station the food and garbage vehicles under the terminal, near the stands and can handle the 30 min window, without issues.

It makes sense, I will make the necessary corrections.

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I changed the difference to 60 minutes, we are having good results.