Airline Designs (non contest)

Hopefully if you want to share any designs here you can, maybe include a watermark if you are worried about people stealing work although I’m not sure that would be a problem as it would be traced back to your post.

Here is mine to start off:

Airline Name: Osprey (air)

Airline Description: Osprey originally started as a low-budget airline in the 1970s operating charter flights, it was not until the mid-late 80s that Osprey secured its role alongside Maple Air as a domestic carrier; retiring its aging fleet for jets such as the A310 and eventually A320. Today the airline maintains to its friendly service, free meals on long haul flights and complimentary refreshments for all those under 18. Osprey markets itself as a family-friendly airline and is the pedigree of low-cost airlines. With the growth and popularity of the airline, it has a newfound aspiration to move into the international market.

Airline CEO Name: C.D. Calloway


That’s awesome! It should have been entered into the competition!


That’s an amazing design! You should have entered the competition with this!


Really sad you didnt enter nto the competiton :frowning:


I agree with the others, would have easily been in my top 10, probably top 5.


Hi all,

here´s my (wanted) fourth designed Airline which I couldn´t get uploaded because of the restrictions for new members ;-(

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Looks really nice :slight_smile: Great work! :wink:

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Great work! Shame it couldn’t be entered :frowning:

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Better save them for the next time!

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That’s a really nice design Passwortkoenig!! I love the different shades of orange and the wrap around font!
And thank you all! It’s such a shame because I discovered the forum only a day after purchasing Airport CEO, but there’s always the next contest :slight_smile: