Airline Hubs and airline administration areas


Airline Hubs and airline administration areas

With airline Hubs airlines will be able to request for you to make your airport a hub for them.
This means they could have private hangars, terminals
and airline administration at your airport.
Hub contracts will be a new kind of contract you can sign. On the contract it should show the airlines requests. i.e. 1 main terminal with at least 500 m2 of floor area , 25 gates and 50 m2 of administration area
Administration area will be a new kind of room that will be used by airlines for airlines admin stuff.
The airline administration room will bring in income for your airport.
When you sign this contract you will be paid a large sum of cash to pay for the construction of the contract’s requests. If you construct this in time you will start getting more income as stated by the contract.
If you do not complete the requests in time the airline will start taking money from you until you get it done.

This would be a way to make more money and open up many more flight options


I think this idea would be fantastic

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This sounds like an awesome idea! I would definitely like to see this in the game!


I think that will be great to be airline hubs.
I did that with the flight planer where what stand and what airline but one thing that not working with


I’d love that Idea, where can I vote?


Feature voting is currently closed and will probably only open again once the current features are more or less implemented. The pending features that still have to be implemented are multi-floor & catering, cleaning and de-icing. The already implemented features from the latest (& first ever) voting round were remote stands & fast runway exits.

You can read more about the rules and find some general information in the following topic: Feature Voting Guidelines 📣! :smiley:


Before writing this I did realise that other people had requested it but I though I would elaborate more and have my own say in how airline hubs could work.
plus now there is a higher chance that this feature will be implemented :grin:


Alright, no problem our topics aren’t that much similar :hugs::grin: