Airline *IDENTITY* Update - Add More Airline Oriented Operation

Feature request title:
Airline IDENTITY Update

Allow Airlines to have more of an identity in your airports.

This may include (but not remain limited to) Check-In desks, uniforms, signs, floor art, color schemes, contract updates, and more.

Why it should be implemented:
I’ll try to explain each as best as I can. These items will require reworking (and each airline that’s created will need to be updated) but will allow much more diversity in the airport. For instance, let’s start with the main thing…

-----Update the Contracts: By doing this, all of this other stuff may come into play… At my airport, the employees are hired by the airlines, represent the airlines, the airlines have their own branding, have their own mark. Why am I mentioning this? It’s a transition into the other points, but all of this is usually negotiated by the contract. How many stands/gates they get, how many counters they get, how many carousels and much more is negotiated in the contract.
-----Uniforms: An airline has their own palette. They have their own eye-candy, their own mark. While there’s not much to see from a top down view, the airlines certainly have a way of distinguishing themselves. For instance, Frontier uses a noticeable GREEN (sometimes Polo style shirt) for their airport employees. Delta is “Passport Plum” and “Groundspeed Graphite” for their frontline employees. American will be using an “Aviation Blue” while Spirit (often known as the beehive) uses a distinct black and yellow palette. The current people in game have a coat and tie (for most) but I feel like if there’s a way to make it work, scarves, sweaters, stuff like that can really mix it up, and each airline can have their mark. Perhaps a “uniform designer” for the airlines?
-----Signage: Perhaps we can look into adding branding based on the contract? Add signage, and identity to those who want to be at our airport. We could then add signage to our gates and much more. Tugs and ground support equipment (while some are provided at some airports) are a thing that airlines bring in. The airlines will paint and take care of them as needed. Airports just provide the space. Floor art and desks go in hand in hand with that too. I’ll be honest, here in HSV, they’ve turned into a more “common-use” airport to allow any airline to use what’s needed, but it’s still branded in some way with signage and art and décor.

Images, references or additional content:
I’ll certainly try to make my point here…

SWA Employee

DAL Employees

AAL Employee Uniforms

NK Employees

NK Boarding Desk

F9 Check In Desks

SWA Check In Desks

Great Idea ! Voted on this. :grinning:

Good could also add airline staff as mechanics to check the aircraft and also pilots and flight attendant but then it would be a different kind of passenger that would need different kind like a faster check in fast passport control and terminal for airline workers

Yes please. I am imagining it now Emirates, Aer Lingus check in desks :smiley:

I like this idea along with adding in Priority boarding / security lines and First-class or sky lounges (VIP areas for frequent flyers, premium members, etc). I also appreciate the idea to adjust contracts. I don’t really care for the current contract system. I wish we could have contracts just for one size of planes or flights (large/medium/small aircraft only), or contracts that have more substance to them (as you’ve mentioned here).

Realistically there should be airline personnel checking people in at the gate, there should be a new car for personnel to come and go from the security checkpoint they would then picked up by your airport vehicle or van, which would transport them to the plane or gate. This includes the pilots and stewardesses. I would really appreciate if this was added. That would be so cool. Then the crew like stewardesses would check the aircraft cabin and the pilots will sit in the plane programming and reviewing the flight plan.

All of these things could be seen as like crew preparation for an extra percentage bar before the airplane can depart, which means you need inner transportation for these people.

I also totally agree with prioritizing executives or first class passengers first.

My example for people is here… the one on the left is the universal one. The ones on the right are more realistic with examples similar to American and Delta.


Thank you for that! I don’t know how many times I checked the toilet settings and then found out that almost all people look like men from the position I looked.

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Updated the title!

Most airports have offices in the secure zones for flight crew, sorta like staffrooms, but used for pre and after flight stuff. That would be really cool to see, as well as mentioned above cars for taking them to their gates (airlines could have their own cars for this, and it would be cool to see what cars they pick!)

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I almost feel like this would be a multi-faceted update, including a people builder with this… since not everyone looks the same, it would be nice to mix it up.