Airlines and Models

Just a quick reference sheet - I’ll try to keep this updated as the game develops. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Note: capacities are ballpark for the sake of sorting.)


Oh! this is helpful and cool! thanks so much!

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And of course in DevBlog 141 they reference “revamping and restructuring the airlines and their fleets”. Oh well!

Contracts in game should have a S/M/L stamp on them in the contract listing menu.

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Interesting to know.

Why has the A340 space for 100 more pax than the A330? I thought the 340 is just a few cm longer.

Seat Config? @no-fun

The Pax-Numbers don’t match the official ones:

It depends on seat pitch airline gives so I suppose airlines are pretty premium in ACEO world :rofl:

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Are you going to update @Eggshellent?