Airplane pushback



Its really odd to see a plane driving backwards.
Planes are getting pushed back by a pushback truck.
Would be cool to see that ingame.



Hi mate the devs have also said this will be part of the game eventually.


Ooh okay thanks. Sorry , i am just soo excited about this game. Just discover this game today.


Don’t apologise, it’s great to have you in the community and excited as we all are!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:




Actually there are planes that can do the “party trick” of driving backwards. The Dash 8 Q400 and he Twin Otter for example can reverse their blades and slowly move backwards.


How do smaller aircraft do this? They are too small for push-back trucks right?


There’s often a connection point, other kinds of tugs. Really small aircraft will just turn round on the spot.

Can get them in and out of hangers by hand, they’re not heavy.


Just found this…

Would be…interesting…to see this in-game! :grinning:


They twist they angle of the prop blades so that the prop is providing thrust in the opposite direction


Question - when a plane is being pushed back - should it follow the taxiway lines?


I would say yes, as they keep the aircraft out of the way of airport equipment and fittings.


Are you asking for real life or in-game?