Airplane size/percentage bar

Hi guys.
Does anyone know how the percentage bar for smal/medium/large planes works?
If for example I set the bar at 40% small/30%medium/30%big planes and i have a Company that doesn`t have small planes, will i get the following offer:

  1. 70% medium/30% large planes, or
  2. 50% Medium/50%large planes?


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Interesting question.
Before A33 I didn’t care about small/non-commercial aircrafts and set 0-100-0.
Now I saw that setting my percentage bar to 0-60-40 didn’t work well - it was ignored by airlines’ fleets, as they give me like 0-90-10 (medium/large),now.

Would be nice, if devs or anyone else could clarify …

Would be good to know indeed! From my experience, you will get 30% medium, 30% large and 40% nothing but that’s just based on observation and guessing, not facts.

Actually I always get 50 flights per week irrespective of the percentage mark I set or the availability of small/medium/large planes.

it’s the percentage of flights offered from a certain airline. So if you have 50 offered flights with 20-50-30 (%) you’d be offered 10 small, 25 medium and 15 large flights, and in response to your question I would think the 2nd scenario would be in place!

That my dear friend is exactly the question. I am about to Start with large planes on my current Airport and am planning on observing the Ratio. Will let you Guss know what the resultiert will be.

We have given this slider some thought since the new large aircraft update and we have come to the conclusion that it is more or less obsolete. The system will anyhow check how many stands you have of each size and adjust accordingly. So in my view the slider doesn’t really add anything to the game anymore.


I disagree :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially during construction I often turn off some stands/parts of my airport. So when I close my large planes terminal, I do not need any large flights…

Furthermore I really think flight manager (airlines) should provide an option to filter/sort by plane size… searching for the right size is exhausting, on the long run.
Furthermore the symbols of medium/large flights are looking too similar, at certain resolutions and UI-sizes I can not distinguish them.


@Fredrik Really? You dismissed it?

Giving us less control over offered flights?

There are several discussions in the forums about flight planner giving us not enough options to manage flight planner better (sorting,filtering,…) and you are just reducing those few options we are having?

I’m really disappointed. :cry:

PS: Nevertheless, I like the “flight capacity” counter…

Edit2: To make it clear in advance: Just closing e.g. all medium stands, if I only want to have large planes, is no option. As closing stands deletes vehicle assignments (which are a pitty to set), I really do not want to close stands - except I want to remove them…

Edit3: If I’m having large stands, but do not want to have large planes, only medium ones… How can I control this, now?


Great! Now I’m receiving commercial small flights, without having any commercial small stand!

Thanks for making flight planner even worse, as it already was.

Edit: Sorry for my harsh wording. But flight planner is a daily pain in the ass, and now I have to mess around with small flights, additionally.
And I really can not see any reason, why this was removed.
Just because you think “the system” knows better what I want, as I know…?
That’s so frustrating.

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for us modders it is not that obsolete…
we normally have a test airport and like to take control wich plane comes for doing screenshots…


We didn’t use the correct bool, hence it didn’t check if the small stand where GA or not. I have changed it now. There are planned UI improvements in the future such as the possibility to filter on size etc to make it easier to use.

This can be done with F10, select aircraft type and write the airline name. :slight_smile:


Instead of aircraft size, I’d like to have a setting of “minimum fee” for my stands. I don’t mind small aircraft parking at a large stand as long as they pay proper money… :smiley:

hmmm i tried with my British Airways mod and A380… contract signed, but there is no A380 spawning :frowning: but would be great if there is a faster way :slight_smile:

Yeah I use that tool a lot when making mods and trying to get a particular size arriving. As you know for me f10 has not worked in a long while.

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Thanks for that, makes it little bit better…

But if you look at that table Airport CEO Alpha 34 Released (The R&D Update) [Experimental] you can see that I need a filter NOW. I’m receiving twice as much medium flights, now, as large ones.
At the moment I’m optimizing my large plane pax flows, medium stands closing is no option (vehicle assignment lost!).
Digging through 200+ flights, for finding the 70 large ones is annoying, useless and completely unnecessary, as the needed tool exists. You just took it away.

Taking something useful away, while promising any future improvements, for me sounds like Microsoft’s customer service policy in the 90s… Sorry, but true.

Edit: Is there any other possibility to avoid medium flights, except of closing stands?

Is the actual solution “final” or can we expect flight planner to be overhauled completely, in the near future?

Are there planned any additional filters/sorting options… ?


Your “system” doesn’t work correctly. Here what I was able to schedule from monday morning (01:00) until Tuesday morning (07:00):


having contracts with all vanilla airlines, no mods, airline ratings for all airlines 100%. airport rating at 94% actual, 91% average.

Not to mention how annoying it is, to schedule 440 flights manually… But auto-flight planner doesn’t work for me, it’s planning is so bad, that it leads to unnecessary “rush-hours” and traffic jams on taxiways/apron (bad plane pathfinding/behaviour). So for an equal distribution all over the day i need to do it manually.

And, btw, I really would like to receive more flight offers in the beginning of the week, as I sometimes can not fill all monday slots, not enough offers.

While I theoretically could schedule 200x7=1400 flights per week, but how, without offers…?

without that percent bar, testing mods take much much longer!
even now i see that contracts offering less fast flies… and F10 spawn aircraft is not working on my case…
so please, give us something that we can test fast a Mod! i am waiting more than 30minutes to get the whole fleet together :frowning:

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