Airport capacity reduced on its own

Hey! I had capacity of 50***scheduled or so flights, large atc + radar station, and noticed the airport was mega slowing down
I checked and it’s showing capacity of 24

And 4700 enroute

Is there a way to restore capacity?
No visible errors for baggage parking etc airport seems to be running fine. Contracts are still in use and it shows that I’ve got lots of flights booked,

The image shows that you have unlimited flight slots, and 24 scheduled. The flights size has no effect on that number.

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Yup, and I had 50 booked and now I have 24 scheduled. Any idea on why?

A scheduled flight does not stay forever. It gets scheduled for 1 to 6 repetitions. When the plane leaves, the counter decreases by 1.

Show us the entire flight planner screen, then we know how many contracts you have, how many flights they currently offer and which stands use auto planner. :slight_smile:


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