Airport CEO Airline livery List


After a request on discord for a list like this, I made this spreadsheet based on the game data:

I will try to keep this up to date, but I can’t promise that :smiley:


I requested the sheet on discord. Thank you @Guusje2 :wink: The reason was that, we all know that 787 are coming and I saw this topic too;

I updated the sheet with the A321

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I think sub model name should also be announced. For example we know that A320 is A320-200. But what about other models’ sub models? @Fredrik what are your thoughs?

It took some time, but i just updated this sheet for the big bird update!

I also added this diagram with liveries per airline:

Great work!

But can you color code it in a way to segregate small , medium and large aircraft?


Done, does the current system work for you?