Airport CEO Alpha 24.3 Released [Experimental]


I still have to work 6 hours


I noticed placing Underground conveyer belts is bugged. (The underground conveyer belt placement only works at foundations)
Can someone confirm this?

Yes me too…

started a new airport from scratch and im not being offered any airline contracts once i get to the ‘goto contracts and sign master contract stage’ in the tutorial, the thing i notice is i have an airline approval rating of zero, is there anything else i am doing wrong?

did you open the airport at the operations tab and do you have an ATC tower?

OK fixed that, re-installed removing the steam created folder, seems some poorly applied modding files stopped the contracts being generated, yes the GA flights were operating but was not getting anything when moving to add commercial, all good now though

On the Flightplanner sometimes I have this graphic bug, I scroll up and down and still there

By the way, looks very good the new contract system :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

PD: yes i forgot to turn off the Mod, but still working properly but not the franchises (moded and default ones)

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I seem to have a severe traffic jam. Last for days now. Any hints how to resolve this?

Only way I’ve been able to keep traffic down is to build more bus pick ups.

I am experiencing this but as well.

This would probably avoid the problem for the future. But right now, nothing moves at all. I also don’t understand how the car on the left ended up on the gras.

is confirmed and being looked into :smiley:

F10, release road nodes.

Now we need to redo many logos. Because some dark logos are not visible on a dark background …
лого на темном фоне

Yeah, logo’s are difficult as they go on so many coloured backgrounds. I’ve mentioned it previously too see if we can get some consistency. Other option is to put it in a box of your own, ugh.

Small font is not needed on the logo. It is nowhere to be seen. It is necessary to use only large elements. I tried. But it still looks bad … And if you make a frame, it will be ugly
шрифт 1
шрифт 2
шрифт 3

different backgrounds are bad

Me also.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 24.3-1


  • [ACEO-3165] - Minor adjustments to new contract system


  • [ACEO-24] - Broken Unicode airport database file has been fixed
  • [ACEO-3158] - Toggle flight planner button does not work
  • [ACEO-3164] - Underground belt placement gives error
  • [ACEO-3167] - Minor nullreference fixes in relation to person transform children pooling


Is the new contract system supposed to work with mod airlines? I couldn’t load my savegame, which includes several airline mods. It seems that the programm is stuck in the loading screen.
When I remove the moded airlines, everything works fine.

I have a copy of one of my airports with some Europe’s airlines and its working properly with the new contract system.

The system recognize all my airlines and set daily and once flight normaly, and if the airline have more than one type of aircraft the system show you flights with all that types…not only A320 or B737, I can see now more CRJ, B737600 and BAE aircraft than alpha 24.1