Airport CEO Alpha 26.1 Released [Experimental]

Good afternoon airport CEO!

Alpha 26.1 has now been released on the experimental branch. This means that we’re now really back to work and that the release trains starts rolling again, although at a somewhat slower pace due to the UI “side project” taking up quite a lot of resources.

This is a pretty minor release but does feature some new stuff, like new bags, rocks and the promised and long awaited Boeing 757 aircraft. This update does not really target any critical bugs but we’ll make some time for deploying those, hopefully later this week. Patch notes here:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 26.1


  • [ACEO-3837] - Reduce import time on modded airline liveries
  • [ACEO-3839] - Adjust landing lights to more realistic positions
  • [ACEO-3840] - Implement new jet bridge graphics
  • [ACEO-3844] - Add flaps simulation to all aircraft models
  • [ACEO-3846] - Improve baggage coloring
  • [ACEO-3850] - Pausing and then un-pausing the game should restore previously set time speed


  • [ACEO-3775] - Flight planner tab displayed on loading screen
  • [ACEO-3847] - Issue with passengers not checking in baggage that is too large and considered check-in baggage
  • [ACEO-3848] - Issue with persons not respecting the next person in line
  • [ACEO-3849] - Some lighting does not turn off during day
  • [ACEO-3851] - Minor memory leak on static queue node occupation checking method

New Feature

  • [ACEO-3838] - Add Boeing 757-200 aircraft model
  • [ACEO-3841] - Add 12 new baggage sprites
  • [ACEO-3842] - Add rocks to terrain generation
  • [ACEO-3843] - Implement progress slider and text to loading panel to communicate game loading progress

Which non Mod contracts run the 757?

Ok Air, Crown and Atom for now.

Edit: Olympus as well


Will new contracts need to be taken out or will they just be added?

They will eventually come but if you want them faster you can try to cancel the contract.

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Thanks for this great update.
I noticed the planes are straight on the yellow line when parked at the gate.
Will this be fixed?

The random angle is a feature not a bug

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Well, sometimes it’s a bit too random… :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not had any for Olympic and had a full round of flights offered too. I’ll keep watching for them before I cancel contract.

More escaping fuel trucks. This time it’s a fuel delivery truck going for a run around the airport. Currently last seen near the top Olympic flight. Want it filing? Curious to see where it’s going?

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That’s probably not a bug, just a really stupid truck driver. Whenever two vehicles are about to deadlock on a certain node, one of them will have a random fallback and divert to a different node in the world. That diversion can sometimes be very excessive, and that fallback tolerance level can also be very excessive… it’s one of the many error mitigation systems to cope with the stupid vehicle AI and path finding… that’s software development for you, a lot of subsystems to fix a larger lacking system. It will get updated, after everything else on our list… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, finally found its way to the fuel depot after an extensive tour of the aprons. Okay thanks.


he just took the scenic route


Very good, waiting anxiously for UI “side project”


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When I saw the image I was shocked. I hoped we could turn everything 45°.

Hmmm, this poor soul has been stuck here for a long time, days now. Even survived mulitpul save and loads yet he’s still vigilant protecting his square in the world. Actually more and more ramp agents are standing their ground.

12 ingame days, no 757.

You have the corresponding contracts as outlined above, but yes I’ve only Olympic but not found one yet after a few days game time. Hence asking the original question above. Mod fleets work fine. :smiley:

I’m once all current flights are clear going to cancel contract and renew and see how that goes.

How to get TUI 757

Probably have to wait until @PigScroll has actually made it??? :thinking: