Airport CEO Alpha 27.4 Released [Experimental]


Today’s minor fix is Alpha 27.4-5! Just a few quick ones as we’ve been busy transitioning git repo and have been working on other stuff to be revealed soon.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.4-5


  • [ACEO-4115] - Employees cannot reach a job task position despite there being a clear way
  • [ACEO-4162] - Certain furniture placement configurations causes passengers to exit interaction items incorrectly
  • [ACEO-4172] - Incorrect deserialization of empty delivery objects causes the delivery system to incorrectly merge and fail new orders
  • [ACEO-4177] - Main interaction panel UI button tooltip does not display unless a UI panel is open


Thanks for the updates!

Looks like there is some issue with the content of the ‘thinking balloons’ when it comes to food or shop purchases:

Customer found a product, pays for it, but still the balloon mentions that they paid $0 and found nothing. I can see that they found a product, because they sit down and eat and also see the sales and revenue go up in the store info.

Bug reported for the thinking balloon: (ACEO-4195)

[ACEO-4038 1] - Rename “The Board” panel to “Executive Committee” for improved clarity

The right side panel still shows ‘The Board’ if you hover over the menu with the mouse:


Bug reported for the mouse over: (ACEO-4196)

When a information panel/window is open, it doesn’t close when you open an overview panel/window. Would be ok if you were able to move the information panel/window, but you can’t and the only way to close the information panel/window is by clicking outside bot panels/windows which causes them to close both… This is a bit ‘frustrating’, causes a lot of unnecessary mousing and clicking.

When you click on multiple notification pop-up PAX pathfinding issues to zoom in on the person, all the lines and circles stay in picture:

Notification bug reported: (ACEO-4198)

Small one:
When you click the in game ‘Report Bug’ button it opens 2 tabs in the browser (on a Mac with Chrome as default browser)

opening 2 browser tabs reported: (ACEO-4199)


You and a few others me thinks? :rofl:


Some data from those other people out there ;).

Oh, someone adjusted thé meme about stuff;


Seems my game is broke. Will not get passed the above screen. Have recently updated to the lastest release but both saved and new games will not get passed the initial start screen…

Anyone else struggling wit this. Am trying a complete new install to see if this avoids the problem


Have you got any mods loaded? Will a new game start? How long have you left it?

@Fredrik Started getting issues with the flight planner not opening, and when it does shows no stands available. It is intermittent though.


After a complete re-install I can now load games as if nothing happened. No idea on what was causing the issues… Strange…

In answering the above questions. Mods were installed using the old aceomm, new games as well as saves were affected and upwards of 15 to 20 minutes.




Anyone else finding strange issues recently? Planes are saying that they can’t land because their size isn’t allowed or something or baggage handling isn’t automatically deactivated upon loading. Hmmm…


I seem to be getting no contracts with the new UI??? Any help. No mods installed.


Seems the issue with loading is back again. Stuck on the initial load screen. Not sure how to file a bug report on this as its not a save game, it is a new game?

Been stuck here for 20 minutes and then when u move mouse, comes up with programme not responding and either crashes or greys out??




Inside C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO there’s a output_log.txt file, that’s probably useful to include in your report


Having removed all mods I uploaded through Steam my game seems to be up nrunning? Not sure on ins n outs but summut is not right somewhere.



Which mods had you installed?


All ACEOMM mods from the steam work shop unfortunately so cannot narrow it down much more with out adding in each mod individually and trying the game. For now I am happy that the game is working without the need to add real airlnes. Kinda good to get back to the base game!


Ah, with all the mods Fredrik said it could take a long time depending on the speed of your machine. Try with just one or two and see how that goes. Another user had the same issues so they are looking at putting a mod loading status on there as well.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.4-6


  • [ACEO-3450] - If a flight gets more than 12 hours delayed before arriving at the airport, it will now be automatically cancelled by the airline.
  • [ACEO-4194] - UI – bottom right menu: Behavioral inconsistency when clicking email, funds or operations buttons


  • [ACEO-4143] - Pressing the in-game report button opens the online web portal twice
  • [ACEO-4196] - Right side panel still shows 'The Board' in mouse over menu
  • [ACEO-4202] - Sometimes padlock to unlock area doesn't show tooltip or work
  • [ACEO-4204] - Modded medium GA causes stand compatibility issues as no medium stand can accept GA today.
  • [ACEO-4205] - FPS drop when contractors are waiting for construction material
  • [ACEO-4214] - Null reference thrown when editing notifications settings
  • [ACEO-4217] - Text on un-built objects does not follow camera rotation
  • [ACEO-4218] - Measurement dragger text does not display correct with certain camera rotation
  • [ACEO-4220] - Underground baggage no longer visible when toggling conveyor belts

Enjoy Alpha 27.4-6, which mostly contains minor fixes and smaller UI changes. :slight_smile:


Hi @Fredrik , I’ve noticed on a new start, the in-coming fuel supply truck takes nearly half a day to delivery its 200k of fuel!!! Is that right?

The other thing I’ve noticed about fuel trucks, if they don’t have enough fuel on-board, say 18%, it puts that into the plane, goes to refuel itself, but does not continue to the refuel the plane up. Hence the departing planes have not much more fuel on-board then when the landed. I don’t seem to remember it being like that?