Airport CEO Alpha 27.4 Released [Experimental]


Also, Steam Workshop access has finally been fixed. You can now access the Workshop as expected:

Please note that you have to be logged in and own the game to view the workshop!


This sure does look awesome,just played for a couple of minutes.
I love the smoothness, the layers of different data we can access and the overall really clean look. Also the pop-ups are very clear.

I’ve one bug in the data tab, Staff and Economy tabs vibrate on screen, the others are perfect.

Really nice work!


I also played it only a few minutes. I like the Design very much, but have also problems reading some texts ans some icons are hard to get.

Also i figure that no more ga are landing at my airport… i didn‘t find the Button „always accept ga“… has it been removed? (Runway and Stands are Open die small airplanes and Ga is enabled in headquarters)


We’re investigating an issue related to flickering panels on certain resolutions. If you can force the game to 16:9 you should be fine.

What resolution are you on? Hopefully today’s update with the UI scaler can bring some relief.

The GA panel served no real purpose in the main interaction panel, the toggle is however available in the operations overview panel!

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! :slight_smile:


I’m on 1600*900, windows background settings and the game. V sync enabled. I can test tonight without v sync.


Hey! I have been away from the community for quite some time due to travel. So I’m struggling to find the development branch so I can access the new versions. I’m still in Alpha 26. And I would love to try out the new features! So I hope somebody can help me?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It’s on the experimental branch, here’s the instructions to activate it: The Airport CEO Experimental Branch


Sorry to be a pain and ask, but have you had many bug reports about lag after using the flight process monitor?

Arrivals Screen not in order

Not really, depends on how many active flight containers you have. But let’s have this conversation in the proper topic instead.

Edit: Can see that we’ve gotten at least another report on it, sounds like a memory leak so we will have a look now.


Perfect thank you. I’m pretty sure it’s not me because it runs fine if I don’t use the monitor and can be fixed by a simple save and reopen. It only occurs when used.


How large is your airport?


Mange tak Olof!


I find the workshop on the steam website but can’t find it on the steam app where the game is played from


Do you own Airport CEO and are you logged in?


yes, i try writing the name in search but it doesn’t come up


Ah, i see what you mean. In the steam program itself the workshop is not visible.

I think that might be because it is only for the experimental branch. Once Workshop support goes to the main branch, the workshop should become available too

Edit: But you can subscribe to mods just as easily from the web page. Although i agree that having it inside the steam program itself would be much better :smiley:


I clicked on european one in workshop. Is Allure airline in game or does is it come from aceomm?


The game itself does not have real world airlines.

And it seems Allure is NOT part of our pack yet… mmm… If you supply us with a livery, we can add it :smiley:
Although i can’t find much data on it. Is it a real world airline?


I opened the game after subscribing to european businesses, i got Allure up as one of the offering airline contracts


Heh, guess i overlooked it. In that case… There you go :smiley: