Airport CEO Alpha 27.4 Released [Experimental]


I restarted the game just now and GA came back. So everythings fine.

I play on 1680x1050 in full screen mode. Will wait until the new update and get back on you.

I had (both times) problems hiring board members. I guess you need to click on the (+)-Symbol on the board member site, but nothing happens. However, I reported a bug under [ACEO-4038].

Thanks and again: great work you guys did til now!


We cannot seem to reproduce this issue, do not detect any performance degradation using the process panel. Could you submit your save?

As for the jittering we’ve found a solution, will be deployed within a few hours!




I had a quick blast last night with the Experimental version and a few issues

After opening various menus, It became problematic to zoom in and out, almost as if a hidden “window” was below my mouse… i.e, I could zoom with my cursor in specific areas on the screen but not in many many others. Panning around didn’t really help. I think, but can’t be 100% sure, that this went wrong after using the 'show random passenger for this flight" button

I found myself getting a little stuck with some windows open and not closing as expected, luckily pressing escape did cure this, whereas normal clicking out of the window/menu had no effect, whereas moments earlier it did.

The flight erm… hmm, I don’t know its name, not the flight planner but the one that shows the progress etc, I find quite intrusive, I would love to see a drag handle for the top, so I can make it 30% of the bottom of the screen instead of its current 95% covering. I can imagine myself wanting this open for a while, whilst jumping around / looking at various aspects of my airport to see whats going on and how I can improve it, but the current design, whilst great internally (as in, the content inside the window), it covers the entire screen, so can’t be used like this.

The accelerated panning is just awful, please make it move directly from my input and not use an acceleration / auto movement method, its horrible and very difficult to comfortably control. Edge panning is a no go, trying to hit menu buttons and panning without meaning to is a pain, which leaves using the keyboard again…

Its starting to take shape though :wink:


I am able to use the steam workshop in the aplication. Already for 4 hours


I’ve sent a bug report with some small issues that i’m experiencing since the new update like problems with fuel trucks and zooming in and out. Overall everything it’s working fine. ACEO-4048


It is available in the Steam program:

Open Steam program
Click Library and click on ‘Games’
Right click on Airport CEO and select ‘View Community Hub’
Click ‘Workshop’ in the top community menu


We’ll be holding off with the deployment of 27.4-1 until tomorrow afternoon as we have a somewhat exciting performance implementaion (better FPS for large airports when zoomed out) in the pipeline that needs just a bit more testing.

As for those with flickering panels I recommend trying either a smaller or a larger resolution. This is a Unity bug for this version of the game engine (quite annoying…) but we’ll hopefully have a solid fix for it tomorrow.


I really like the flight process monitor, fun to be able to monitor the whole process from people arrives untill flights take off.


I submitted via a bug report this morning, do you want it sent again?


Airport is also fairly large - 24 GA stands, 12 small aircraft and 9 medium (8 Runways total). As mentioned before, FPS works absolutely fine until the processing tab is opened and it messes up :confused:


What was the bug number? And what are your hardware specs?


I didn’t note the bug number, i’m not sure where to find it.
8GB Installed RAM
Intel® Core™ i5-6200CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.40 GHz
64-bit operating system and x64-based processor


Hi, I just want to remind everyone the importance of reporting any bugs you stumble upon via the official bug reporting form. It doesn’t take that long to do and will help us immensely with tracking. You don’t always have to attach a save if it is not relevant to the bug, but please include forum name or email so that we can contact you in case we will need it. Posting a bug here is not a good idea as these threads can easily be quite long and therefore we might miss it. Thanks all! :smiley::airplane:


Hi! I noticed my GA traffic is acting weird. Nothing lands at all during the day (i.e. before 6pm). Then, 6pm hits, enough planes land to fill my GA-only stands, and that’s all the GA activity I see throughout the day. Just wondering if that’s the new GA behavior or not?


yea i’m having the same problem


I still cannot access the workshop. The game still does not show up. Or does it not work on the steam client?


i am also getting a line of notification saying that the construction workers cant reach there job site but all of them are moving


I do not appear steam workshop
sorry for my bad english
im from argentina


ACEO-4055 Bug Report - unable to edit which staff members can enter certain staff rooms. I specifically cannot get the dropdown menus to open to check/uncheck staff types.