Airport CEO Alpha 27.4 Released [Experimental]


Lol, I have had this since the earliest alpha, up-to today.

=- mmm - all kind of stuff gets the game lagging, lets reboot the game in total. maybe its the game somehow, I dont know. -= lets start a new lvl.

Can you pls add a “build medium runway” as an object, thx.

lol, grass taxiway?

Can confirm the mssg center is spamming build pathways non stop ;).

Can we get a SHIFT + close action, that closes all report of that kind of report in the current msggs center stacks? thx.

The game is hanging on building Terminal Blocks, and when placing floor tiles.

Lol; I have floor tiles returning to Grass, inside the terminal building. Lol. I just worked 12hrs; I will make bug reports later on…

Typing in SAVE menu still doubling input to the game viewport.

Can the OPEN/CLOSE colors on stands and runways be switched, when I want to close a runway, I would like to see a RED button, and to open it a GREEN one. Now it is reversed.

I just managed to open a medium stand, that is not connected to a “boarding desk” object.

When hovering a candidate in STAFF menu, can you please freeze auto-sorting while such an object has focus? Now you can hire a candidate that is auto-sorted by the game which you did not read the profile of, since the game auto-sorted that STAFF candidate away.

Time for bed, to impatient for the current build; its crashing / hanging / not loading… pffff, see you all in 2 days, then I have slept decently :wink:


Thank you for your reports everyone! Here’s the first round of most critical bug fixes for Alpha 27, the patching work will continue throughout this week and the next.

Also, as for issue ACEO-4035, we’d be very interested in hearing if you can note any improved FPS when watching an airport from higher up, as opposed to Alpha 26. :slight_smile:

The update should be with you soon.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.4-1


  • [ACEO-4035] - Implement generic tile object sprite merger to reduce number of objects rendered in world
  • [ACEO-4036] - Align design of save upload window in main menu


  • [ACEO-4034] - Memory leak after opening the flight process panel
  • [ACEO-4037] - Color picker panel selection knob offset issue
  • [ACEO-4039] - Small stand upgrades named incorrectly
  • [ACEO-4040] - Incorrect activation states of scroll rects causes certain panels to jitter extremely
  • [ACEO-4047] - False positive notification when contractors occasionally could not reach construction positions
  • [ACEO-4057] - Contractor information text in contractor panel not visible
  • [ACEO-4060] - Road nodes not generating correctly on small stand
  • [ACEO-4061] - Hiring a CIO can break graph container updates
  • [ACEO-4067] - Grass taxiway foundation can sometimes default to asphalt texture

New Feature


Since the availability of the steam workshop, i have been playing with the real European companies mod activated. I would just like to compliment all those who have contributed to the pack, it’s absolutely beautiful <3 It just adds that extra bit of immersion when you see known airlines landing at your airport. Cheers to all of you!


My game is still using 26.0 version. How do i get to play new release?


you have to activate the experimental branch


Thank you for the UI Scaling option. 0.6 @ 4k, for me, is now looking awesome.
I can still see my airport with ‘popup windows’ open :wink:

Using the UI scaling slider though… that was a lot of fun :slight_smile:
Because it also scaled itself as you moved, it made it quite tricky to use.


Pls take another look @ staff room roles thingy, not opening / closing at all atm. Cant you just get rid of the pull down idea, and make a plain select-box listing?

Positive; laying floor tiles does no longer almost crash the game.

This is still a thing in the new UI.

It is possible; building a medium stand based airport from 2m starting money :wink: - only the tutorial doesn’t catch up ;).

Lets clean alerts; oh, wait ;).

Walls in a door bug still persists; Lol… nvm, it was just a visual issue, is that still an issue?

Someone walked though a wall just now to enter a toilet room, thats special ;).

Can you please add the bin too “decorative” tab too, thx

Can we have a “delete whole queue” button on queue-able objects?


@1.5x Scale on my small screen, UI scaling causes some issues… 1440 x 900 Res 13" MBP.


Yes, the Scaling slider was added yesterday and is still considered experimental. We need to do some more aligning of the UI to make sure it works with all the different resolutions and it is especially tricky with lower ones.

This is a bug from of the new tile merger tool that now also merges walls. Will have a look at that today. It is still called experimental branch for a reason. :wink:


It could be me but items appear to be billed twice (if paused). If I start an airport with 250,000 and place the runway 100,000 gets deduced immediately and unpausing the game causes another 100,000 to be billed leaving me with 50,000 for everything else…


Yeah, that’s expected, the feature is highly experimental but it’s also due to the nature of the design of the UI. Some things, when compressing it too much, will simply get smacked together. We’d might be looking into improving this in the future, and also the scalability of the planner and process panels but for now bugs have priority.


@Olof i’ve sent a bug report recently ( Aceo 4048 ) did you guys have a chance to look at it?


In 27.4 and 27.4-1 my potato PC uses 3.5gb of Memory when loading the game according to taskmanager. I have DDR2 memory so maybe its just to slow but I have never seen anything remote to that before. It also crashed my entire PC once but I never had any problem before this version of the game.


No, not yet, sorry. UI bugs have priority over other functional bugs as of now. We’ll get through it as we get through the list.

Hmm, that could also be dependent on the size of your airport .How large is it? And when it crashed, were any log files generated?


Ok thank you very much!


Alpha 27.4-2 is coming up!

The notification system is undergoing some ground level changes so do expect a bit of jitter on these (i.e. pops up then immediately gets deleted).

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.4-2


  • [ACEO-4088] - Implement notification queueing system to avoid notification spamming performance degradation
  • [ACEO-4092] - Reduced flight separation slider to minimum 15 minutes


  • [ACEO-3272] - Small spike hourly at XX.59
  • [ACEO-4013] - Wall tiles do not always join correctly
  • [ACEO-4074] - Notifications without a parent incident cannot be manually cleared
  • [ACEO-4077] - Notification panel scrollbar reset upon panel update
  • [ACEO-4083] - No GA Flight during the day
  • [ACEO-4086] - Can't load save while already in-game
  • [ACEO-4090] - Flight planner size slider does not always spawn correct aircraft size
  • [ACEO-4093] - "Do not display any notifications" option not working


Just based on the first 15mins of having the new update loaded i can say my FPS has increased by about 20 and 40 during fully zoomed out… this is magical…


Amazing! ACEO-4035, depending on your airport layout, largely reduces the number of tiles to render in the world. We’ve had test world where the number of reduced rendered objects have shrunk from anywhere between 30 to 70 percent. A 100x100 sidewalk area in an empty world on 26.2 will on a good PC be rendered at 30 to 40 FPS, on 27.4 you get around 300 FPS. :slight_smile:


I know. Just providing feedback on small screens. I appreciate there is an order to things. Great job just getting a slider now. For those in negative scales I would summise it makes things a lot better.


The Passenger ratio setting is not consistent between saves.