Airport CEO Alpha 27.4 Released [Experimental]


Should it be? I mean you might want to have a reduced number of passengers for a really large airport but if you build a smaller one you’d might like 1:1. Sort of the same reason why notifications setting aren’t saved across saves: Every airport is different!


I’ve an issue where objects cannot be build outside, while its in an inside room which is outside an building. I could build everything in there before, until I assigned a contract to the food-room. I’ve created a report.(ACEO-4096)


Its not big it has 4 medium stands 3 small stand and 2 runways. No log file.


I can not save any games. i will not allow me to enter a name. Any other guys/girls :stuck_out_tongue: who experience this? sorry if it was already a topic could not find it


Yes I have this aswell


Looks like the text component in that input field has been squashed. You can in fact write in it and save your game, it’s just that it wont show you what you’re writing until you can see the save as a loadable container. Will push an update for this as soon as possible.


that works thanks.


Are you placing it on top of sidewalk? Otherwise I don’t think it will allow placement.


I would think so, since the game could reset it to “base” value on each new airport.

“notifications settings” I can live with, not being saved.

128/128 not full capacity?

Lol, forgetting to hire janitors on your new airport :smiley:


Yes, and I’m sure it turned green in just a few seconds after that. :wink: I know it usually takes a few seconds until boarding is considered completed and the panel gets refreshed.

Hehe, we have all been there. :slight_smile:


Have had this over several planes, over a longer timer period, will monitor it a bit then.


Hi, I just opened ACEO and when I was creating a new Airport, the game just froze on the location map picker. I didn’t know where to let you guys know, but this has never happened before. Any pointers? (I’m also on the newest version FYI) Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hmm, no, that I’ve never heard of before. Does it happen every time?


I got all the way to the actual part of the game, but I had one point when the game was loading in and the progress bar said initial preparations where my game became unresponsive, but a minute later had loaded all the way.


Lol, remember this one? Long time no see; U heeft met succes de kwestie (ACEO-4100)

For the first time I used the “investigate” thingy for a pathfinding issue (that was no issue at all btw); but the thing is, the green and red spot dont dissapear afterwards.

Got the “do-not-want-to-sit-in-loaded-save-secure-area” bug again.

Lets build a mess, one bus at a time ;). The upside; it resolved itself over time :smiley:, the brown bus is stuck on the stand leaving angle though.

This happened today;


Would it be possible for passengers to arrive at randomized times and check in immediately? Because of the passengers all arriving and checking in at the same time I am having multiple lines out the door.
Also, could we set a certain number of check in desks to 1 gate(as a ratio in the menu maybe?) to better facilitate passengers checking in?(that would also help the lines out the doors)


During that stage of the loading it caused my entire pc to crash 1 version back.


Thanks for the update! Has 27.4-2 already been released? Have restarted Steam and ACEO a couple of times but am still on 27.4-1… :thinking: Running on Mac.


There is / should be a distribution at work for staggering arriving passengers. I believe that if you lack sufficient transportation options they start to bunch up

  1. I just noticed all staff are looking the same.
  2. Animation of conveyer belts making a turn has the wrong animation(Wrong direction)