Airport CEO Alpha 27.4 Released [Experimental]


Has something happened to the fuel trucks? They cause massive amounts of debt now? I mean, I know they have a cost, but it seems a LOT more than it used to?


some of my tiles are rendering brown and not reverting back to the original art. (Inside terminal, on stands, runways, taxiways, and roads.


When i want to start a new airport or use a save I keep getting stuck on this screen…

I have updated my drivers and steam so I don’t know what would be the problem


Same issue i have


I´ve got the Problem that I don´t get any Contracts offered when I start a new game. Reinstalled a couple times but hasn´t worked yet. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? When I Play the “non beta” game I don´t get that Issue.


Me too i’ve the same issue than you dude…
People get stuck in buses park and nobody come in my airport.
Weird ! Traffic has stopped


Are you using any mods? Usually mods are loaded first so I suspect a bad mod might be causing the game to freeze here.


I am using all european businesses mod from workshop and default. I am only getting offers default so seems the mod isn’t working. Mod stopped working last night, I sent a bug report earlier.


Yes agreed with Fredrik. Look in the mods to see if there is an identification JSON file.

Took me hours to debug that one.


That should not happen anymore. That was months ago :slight_smile: and i hope devs dont read unknown jsons anymore :wink:


I know, but only time I’ve seen that behaviour.


No, it has always thrown an error but now there is also a dialog panel that will inform the player that a mod is broken. I would still recommend disabling all mods and try to load the game again. Loading these large mod packs do take time and on some slower computers I would not be surprised if it takes several minutes. :slight_smile:


some times mine also does this, and you just have to let it load by itself for a few minutes (especially for larger airports)


you don’t get any contractors or just airlines?


Actually both. I used one mod but deinstalled that after I got this “bug” and I reinstalled the game without any mods,. Still doesnt´work.


strange… You’ll have to wait until the devs look into it


Maybe but I get similar problems that one moment I have 100,000 in the bank and suddenly negative 350,000. Coming to think of it, it may be the fuel that comes in since that is 200,000 and fuel was just under $2 per litre?

I recall fuel actually never costing anything which was weird but damn this is kinda over the top.

Edit: On my new airport I just opened a fuel depot, the game instantly made me pay 200,000 * 1,93 (=386,000) and since it is only a starter GA airport I don’t not yet have a CFO to change prices so I sell my fuel at $2 per liter. Considering I payed 50,000 in procurement I need to sell 714,285 liter to break even on procurement costs, neglecting the fact I that the fuel trucks have purchase prices and upkeep. I know bulk buying is cheaper but while starting up that is difficult if not impossible because I don’t think the larger contracts are available then?


There was a bug that was causing fuel to be free up until Alpha 27 (we never really discovered it until then). :slight_smile: The purchase prices were also unrealistically cheap so we increased them, but I see in your calculation that it might be too expensive today. I will reduce them slightly but it should not be too easy to make a ton of money out of fuel. Maybe we need to have a smaller fuel depot which contains only around 50k or so, as 200k liters might be a bit overkill in the beginning.


That would be great. I would say that after about an hour of gameplay a person should be able to make a profit so that would be about 400 refuels? The setup costs roughly equate to 75,000 to get the research and depot so then each plane would have to have 187.5 profit per refueling. I’m not sure how much fuel goes into one plane but gameplay wise I guess anywhere between $0.5 to $1 profit per liter would be fair, considering you also have the truck upkeep.

Maybe a system where upon contract acceptance, you have to pay for an x amount of fuel so you aren’t surprised by a $350,000 payment?

Also, the whole concept of ‘800,000L per delivery’ concept sounds very weird to me because there is no way for me to get a depot to accept anything over 360,000L right? or does the remaining fuel go to other depots? And what if I can only store half of it, do I still pay for the remaining? Maybe a tooltip of some sorts to explain would be convienient for players to find it out.


I think a smaller fuel depot is part of the solution here. I think that would be quite useful for Avgas which is naturally more expensive and not sold in large quantities. Also a way to set the desired fuel tank level would be nice. That way you can control it yourself and the fuel trucks will only fill up to that level. Yea, the “per delivery” is not really implemented. You only pay for what the fuel truck hauls to your fuel tanks so you are not being cheated. :wink: