Airport CEO Alpha 27.4 Released [Experimental]


A short evening update with some smaller fixes! :slight_smile: There is still a known bug with construction delivery that can suddenly stop working. We are looking into the root cause and aim fix it asap tomorrow.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.4-4


  • [ACEO-4161] - Added visual guide for current selected build category
  • [ACEO-4171] - Fuel purchase prices reduced slightly


  • [ACEO-3366] - Error when attempting to remove old flight from game system
  • [ACEO-4064] - Flight process panel doesn't take day date into account when sorting flights
  • [ACEO-4085] - Notification not properly displayed if runway is incompatible with aircraft attempting to land
  • [ACEO-4095] - Taxiway foundation and generic tarmac tile quality rating do not match other foundation standard
  • [ACEO-4097] - Bench cannot be build outside if area has been marked as a room
  • [ACEO-4114] - Passengers passed security do not match up with number of boarded passengers
  • [ACEO-4116] - Intersection does not always connect properly causing vehicles to take longer paths to got to their destination
  • [ACEO-4119] - Arriving and departing passengers switched in flight process monitor
  • [ACEO-4125] - Light poles can be stacked on top of each other
  • [ACEO-4142] - Road vehicles stop spawning after a while
  • [ACEO-4165] - Staff types sometimes not visible in staff room dropdown
  • [ACEO-4166] - Game settings not always load correctly
  • [ACEO-4168] - Insufficient fund displays when there is enough fund to purchase
  • [ACEO-4169] - Large magenta rectangle visible when hovering over terminal foundation icon


Put everything I find in balancing issues in a nice list for you here: Financial Balancing

Thank you for creating this game and being so involved.


Thanks for another update.

I see the fps lag spike has not been fixed yet:
Has noticed a huge lag spike when opening and closing the staff panel. Solution is to open and close other panel and the lag spike will be gone.
U heeft met succes de kwestie (ACEO-4138) aangemaakt.
EDIT: Also when opening and closing the Job Task panel i see the fps is dropping.


Fuel depot is empty, it says depot is not awaiting delivery. Fuel trucks stop and return back just after they enter the map


We are aware, we get the same. We have tried many things to reduce the lag that is produced when generating the lists. We are now considering generating them with delay sort of like the procurement panel. Unity is not so optimized when it comes to generating large lists like this. :confused:

Try to wait a bit. There might be some bugged deliveries in the system that needs to be “flushed out”. If you let the vehicles come and turn back for a while, there should finally be one that actually delivers fuel.


Thanks for your reply.

I noticed when opening the staff/job task panels the fps will be decreased(30 FPS). Its just strange that when the panels have been closed the fps will be decreased more(10 FPS).


Hi there,

I have some UI sizes problems here…
Does anyone know the issue?
Not playable with this!

Also i can’t load my saves with mods :frowning:


Have you tried, as a workaround reducing the UI scaling?


Thanks! Just discovered this option.

So now i have the problem of my saves not loading with officiels workshop mods enabled and it was working a few hours ago… Loading blocked at “Initial preparations” :frowning:


And just tested with a new airport, same issue. So I can suppose that my saves are not corrupted and the problems are coming from the official workshop mods and/or this new evening update… If anyone have the solution.

Working fine without any mod loaded.


Alas, due to still being on holiday I’m very limited in my abilities to help test and debug things and not the general continuity I normally am. I will take a look at what I can ASAP though in regards to things I’ve previously mentioned and others have commented on too.


Regarding all types of issues with loading mods. Please send the save you are trying to load via the bug report form:!default.jspa

In the description, list all active mods you are trying to load so that we can test it from our end. :slight_smile:


Just done that: ACEO-4184.



And regarding the UI scale problem, I see that the problem is here with each load of my saves with UI scale set to 1 and when I set it to 1.15 for example then back to 1 the normal display appears.


I tried loading your save with the mods and had no problems. :frowning: However, it took a few minutes. So how long have you waited?

Can you also send me the output_log located here:
C:\Users[YourUser]\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO

I have noticed the scaling issue as well and I am looking into it. :slight_smile:


The output_log file was in the report.rar normally. How long did you wait? I will try that time. It’s really long though compared to yesterday morning which was mush faster if it is working…


Thanks, I found it. Nothing broken in the log as far as I can see. There is no exact telling how long to wait. Mods are not created or tested by us developers but doing a rough count, I can see that there are at least 2000 businesses/airlines being loaded with the mods you have selected. Depending on your specs it may take 2 minutes or it may take 15 minutes. I would suggest disabling some of the heavy mods like “All Airlines” as that pack alone contains over 1000 airlines including many liveries (which is by far the most time consuming process).

We will see if we can include some form of visual progress bar in the future for loading mods. :slight_smile:


Ok, it was that. Took 5 mins for EU+NA+GA, much longer than yesterday. Also i have some freezes each 20-25 seconds when mods are loaded.


@Fredrik Okay, so I noticed in one of the release logs you’d reduced the flight time back down to 15 minutes. While the slider does go back down to 15 mins, actual separation when placing flights on the planner is still 20 minutes.


Yes i noticed that too