Airport CEO Alpha 27.5 Released [Experimental]


The color changes to the funds/balance make it much easier to read now (at least for me), thank you


Try re-secure zoning your chairs, then see if the PAX will sit on those chairs. Same with staff rooms. (After each session load).

This could be related to the issue above.


I had the same, rezoning after loading solved it.

But for me it seems as if today’s update solved that issue…

Still bathrooms in non-secure-zones aren’t used by pax or staff… :frowning:


Even if you rezone them? Like, make them secure, then remove it.


Even if I completely re-build them… :wink:

sometimes it helps to build another, additional, bathroom, but after a while even the new one is ignored…


ok !
Actually after 2 days of gameplay the " remote bench " problem seems to stop.
Still people can’t see toilet and restaurants. My staff rooms are 100% ok



There is definitely an issue with disappearing staff/vehicles when loading a game, as already mentioned here: Airport CEO Alpha 24.3 Released [Experimental]

Unfortunately it occurs sporadically, only, and mostly when the game just crashed before and I try to load my autosave.

In combination with the autosave-feature that can lead to permanently corrupted save-files, as I tried to explain here: DON'T CONTINUE A SAVE ON Experimental!

I already sent an ingame-bug-report, but i will send another one via website with the original autosave files, as savelog.txt looks weird…


When this behavior occurs, it is because something has gone wrong (as in an exception being thrown) with the loading process. This means that there’s no single and just that one bug which can cause this behavior but instead a multitude of different scenarios which need to be individually handled and fixed. What you can do is, immediately when a save process crashes or when a loading procedure doesn’t execute correctly, grab the output_log file and the save (or use the in-game bug tool) and send us the issue immediately. Mention something along the lines of ”staff dissappear” and it will be expedited by us.


@Fredrik Very interesting you could not reproduce the fuel truck issues. It is intermittent, some do complete the process very quickly, while others seem to take a very long time. But I do experience that issue a few times in each game session.

Is there a way I can document this for you at my end to show what it might be?


Not sure, there is still an issue with fuel trucks turning around at the check point but I could not find a way to reproduce the slow refueling. Maybe it takes a while for it to appear.


talking about checkpoints, will they ever show animation whn vehicles pass them? now it’s only doing that for a vehicle’s first arrival.


We’ve found an issue, as correctly mentioned in this thread, in relation to placing certain items resulting in zones becoming reverted back to open zone (caused by the old git solution…). This will be fixed in today’s update, but zones will have to be re-zoned one last final time to get everything working.

@dewitjur: Can’t reproduce that, had several vehicles coming through one here and the gate opens every time. Does that only happen once for you?


And so Alpha 27.5-2 is making its way out to you with the latest most important fixes, including de-zoneing issues and path finding problems related to that.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.5-2


  • [ACEO-4045] - Notification overlay overlap flight planner and process panels
  • [ACEO-4221] - Franchise staff no longer part of the staff room list as they do not use a staff room
  • [ACEO-4362] - Reduce item and structure loading time
  • [ACEO-4368] - Slightly adjust main interaciton panel bottom bar display values to better acommodate long text values


  • [ACEO-4281] - Spelling mistake in operations panel
  • [ACEO-4317] - World notification icons not always correctly sized and aligned
  • [ACEO-4319] - Building certain items in a secure area will cause the zone done to revert to open zone
  • [ACEO-4327] - Sub-bars do not always display correctly when enabling the management panel
  • [ACEO-4336] - Dropdown blocker in service vehicle container can cause NullReferenceException on a component fetch if left open when switching panel
  • [ACEO-4344] - Incorrect zone value cases rooms in open zone to be ignored by persons
  • [ACEO-4359] - Franchise stuck can become stuck when cancelling contract
  • [ACEO-4365] - Certain shelf object variations not correctly aligned to grid
  • [ACEO-4369] - Persons can become displaced outside terminals when exiting a broken interaction item


First impressions:
-loading time is much, much better! Thanks! :slight_smile:
-UI/management panel lags massively. waiting 2-5(!) seconds for any reaction, after click, sometimes…
-toilets in non-secure-zones are in use, again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great work!


Can’t save game, as save button is out of screen… :frowning:


Looks like a canvas layer setting has caused this bug, it will be fixed ASAP tomorrow. For now it can be bypassed with enabling auto save in the gameplay settings panel.


I guess this will fix so send report button in ingame bug report will show up as well?


-UI/management panel lags massively. waiting 2-5(!) seconds for any reaction, after click, sometimes…

I think there is a massive problem with autosave-function, too. The game is hanging every hour (at xx:58) for several seconds, up to more than a minute.

Furthermore it made my complete system crashing, when it hang.

I wanted to file a bug report, but the GameData.json has 750 MB, so I can’t compress down to bug report’s max size… :frowning:

how can I send this bug report to you?

EDIT: Just checked my last manual save, there GameData.json already has 296 MB, which is more than 10 x bigger as it is in other savegames… seems as if this save is corrupted…?


A GameData.json of 750 MB? Does indeed sound very strange. How many passengers and airlines do you have? Mods? How old is the save?

A fix for the panel layering will come within the hour!


At that moment only a few hundred pax at airport, I think about 6 or 9 flights all over the day from 3 airline contracts.
about 25 stands, but at that moment nearly no traffic as I was during reconstruction huge parts.
No mods, no editing.
started game about one week before, but played lots of hours… :slight_smile: