Airport CEO Alpha 27.5 Released [Experimental]


All right, can you upload the save to a cloud platform (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc) and DM me the link so I can have a look at it? Should be impossible to have a .json file that large.


The fix for the lower game menu and settings button is now going live on Alpha 27.5-3:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.5-3


  • [ACEO-4370] - Game menu and game settings panel sorted under main interaction menu in canvas layer draw order


Still cant get passed “initial preparations” even after reinstall


Is it for a save or a new world? Are you playing on macOS? If it’s a save, have you filed a bug report? Can check it immediately if you do.


Now I can’t load my latest autosave any more.

Stucks at ‘loading structures’ for more than 10 minutes in my first try, for more than 15 minutes now…

It’s a completely new airport with no pax, only constructors and a few staff members, just constructing runway…

Bug report?


Please! :slight_smile: I’ll look at it the second I’m done with what I’m working on. Edit: And ofc, include the save.


It’s too big for bug report, again :frowning:

I uploaded to dropbox folder, Link is in bug report (ACEO-4372) and PM.


All right, the large save I could load easily after about two minutes (granted, my dev computer is pretty good). As for the autosave we’ve found a loading issue and will deal with that for tonight’s update! :slight_smile:

Edit: Will none the less investigate the size of the save.


but zones will have to be re-zoned one last final time to get everything working.

Thanks for the updates! Does this mean that we have to re-zone all zones, or is this for bathroom and staff zones only?

When I load a save game there is a massive amount of notification of PAX that cannot find their way, but people eventually find their way and go through security etc. Could that be related to the re-zoning?

Also noticed that people arriving with busses and waiting for security all pack up in one place, this causes massive delays for departure as PAX are still waiting in line. PAX that missed their flight only leave after a very long time or when the security desk is closed.


The deployment pipeline is running hot today, got another report on the flight information panel in the flight planner not being visible which breaks the game so we’re rolling out a fix for it plus whatever else was ready to get deployed.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.5-4


  • [ACEO-4192] - Improved representation of an overlay toggle button's active state


  • [ACEO-4181] - Object panel for items and structures layers on top of management panel when both are open
  • [ACEO-4373] - Flight information display is drawn behind flight planner due to incorrect canvas sorting order


Yes, ideally you’d rezone everything as placement of chairs and other items will have caused any secure zone to get reverted back to non-secure (i.e. open zone). Those path finding errors are most likely related to that too, yeah. If you have a bunch of non-zoned secure zones around chairs or urinals in secure areas where you know there should be secure zone, you’ll know you’re affected by that bug.

This is a known behavioral issue which we’ll look into fixing post Alpha 27 default deployment. I have a heap of minor pax behavior changes and bugs I’m looking to dedicate a day to once we’re out and about with the new UI! :slight_smile:


Got a few minor canvas layering issues in (thanks for reporting!) which have been fixed, we will deploy the full efforts of today later tonight. As always you can check what’s coming up next here under “Ready for Experimental Branch”:


The gate at checkpoint only opens for me when a vehicle arrivés at the airport, or leaves. when a vehicle exits one checkpoint to drive to another checkpoint to enter, the gates don’t open so you see him driving through the gate. Also some arriving vehicles go to one checkoint first, where the gate opens but instead of driving through they turn back to another where the opening animation doesn’t repeat anymore.


Looks like major issues are fixed!


Third(!) and last update for today:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.5-5


  • [ACEO-4208] - Rename "Anti-spam Filter" to "Spam Filter"
  • [ACEO-4379] - Update sprite textures on all doors
  • [ACEO-4382] - Initiate auto save after hourly process completion to prevent or reduce risk of crash
  • [ACEO-4391] - Update tree colors immediately after load to match season
  • [ACEO-4395] - Add liveries for CRJ200 (Goose Wings and OK Air) and ATR42 (Olympus Organization)


  • [ACEO-4303] - Persons can become displaced when exiting a broken relief item
  • [ACEO-4305] - Mixed up variable fields in cargo bay prefab causes 1000 contractors to grab 1000 boxes supplying three construction energy units
  • [ACEO-4314] - Stand panel update can in rare cases throw a null reference exception rendering object data panels non-useable
  • [ACEO-4315] - Data panel incorrectly refers to board member panel
  • [ACEO-4355] - Stand reported as inaccessible to service vehicles when built
  • [ACEO-4361] - Food franchises can be built when only having shop franchise upgrade
  • [ACEO-4372] - Rare NullReferenceException thrown by runway on load can cause the game loading process to stop
  • [ACEO-4376] - Lacking delivery order system check causes contractors to order heaps of construction material if deployed prior to initial construction material check
  • [ACEO-4378] - Stand and runway upgrades not verifying available funds before upgrading
  • [ACEO-4381] - Dialog panel incorrectly rendered below certain canvas components and not accessible
  • [ACEO-4385] - NullReferenceException thrown when building runway
  • [ACEO-4392] - Issue with construction process checking loop not activating when starting a new game
  • [ACEO-4396] - Incorrect construction material simulation usage bool causes first construction order to be built without construction material


The “white” visual line is moving over the screen when you zoom in and out or move the screen.

My airline satisfaction is very low at my current airport, can we get a list with things that improve it? like, I would like to know what is mostly dragging down the score, thx.

The bug form overlay is not closing.

I think it happens when you bug-report in PAUSE mode.


haha, there is a complete feature voting round in progress and you want to circumvent that by doing suggestions in here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmm, point taken, was just annoyed, will write a feature peace at a later moment.


Good afternoon, here’s another last batch of important fixes:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.5-6


  • [ACEO-3288] - Improve tutorial and align images with UI update


  • [ACEO-4198] - Incident investigation layer does not clear correctly
  • [ACEO-4312] - Aviation fuel trucks cannot in certain instances delivery fuel to a specific fuel depot
  • [ACEO-4356] - Passengers and employees can in rare instances become stuck
  • [ACEO-4386] - Upgrading runway causes aircraft to get stuck
  • [ACEO-4401] - Foundation bulldozer not activating
  • [ACEO-4415] - Post-relief item interaction wander method can cause passengers to pass through walls and end up outside a terminal
  • [ACEO-4416] - Passengers do not rotate correctly when attempting to face a relief item
  • [ACEO-4417] - Incorrect interaction item approach for relief and eating items can cause passengers to pass through walls and end up outside a teminal
  • [ACEO-4420] - Janitor and service technicians do not use correct interaction item point for accessing items
  • [ACEO-4424] - Invoke game state pause before executing a save to improve serialization stability


When I make a new save and save it does not appear in the load airport menu