Airport CEO Alpha 27.5 Released [Experimental]


I can’t reproduce that on our test machines. What exactly happens? You save a game, say “test save” and when you press load it does not appear in the loaded games menu?

Edit: What does your log say? Press F9 in-game.


27.5-6 did not last for long… Alpha 27.6 is out, targeted for the default branch shortly if nothing critical happens.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.6-0


  • [ACEO-4425] - Notifications display before game session has completed loading

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4426] - Add loading transition screen when loading a save in an existing game session

Edit: We’re in the process of merging deployed versions in our Jira instance, if you don’t upgrade to Alpha 27.6-0 you won’t be able to file reports using the in-game bug tool.


I mean the test save doesn’t appear at all in the Load Airport screen


In the main menu? And this happens for every save you make or just once?


For everyone


Are you running the game as an admin?


on experimental


Sorry, I didn’t mean that, are you logged in as administrator on your machine? I.e., can you right click the Airport CEO icon and select “run as admin” and see if it works then?


no the run as admin doesn not appear when i right click


We’ll that’s probably the issue then, you need to ensure that you’re logged into your computer as an administrator so that you can save the game (i.e. write to disk when pressing “save”).