Airport CEO Alpha 27.6 Released


I cannot send a bug report, I get the red screen all the time, remember :wink: .

I did send an email with the corrupt save that was created the last time this happened.

Good news, the current save game did load perfectly, and the green haze is gone.

Still red flash ;).


Hmm, that’s strange… are you allowing ACEO to connect to the internet? And I assume you’re playing with an active internet connection? Does the logs say anything?

Edit: The green overlay means that a null reference has been thrown in the construction process, that’s also what’s causing corrupt save files which is why we’d really like to take a look at your log to see where it was thrown in your case… :stuck_out_tongue:


The game is on this pc ;). Let me check the logs.

And check for the current savegame folder.


Thanks, will do. :heart_eyes:


What folder/file should have the log for the bug-report process?


It removes itself after the report has been completed (regardless of success or failure since we don’t want to leave useless files on your drive) but the regular ouput_log might also catch that process.


Just now I noticed, my steam client did not update the game to 27.6, probably because it is still set on Internal, should I not get a warning or something from steam… omg. See my screeny above, still weird that the runways go green though :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh lol… well that explains it, I assumed you were on the latest version haha. We have had that runway issue as I mentioned for Alpha 27.5-X but it was patched for 27.6, so should explain then why you still had it and why it corrupted your save.

There is one known issue with the bug reporting tool that we’re patching today as well, might solve your issue.


discard this one, the test was succesfull.


Right, lol, I understand why that didn’t work then. We only allow bug reports from actual versions, all of the internal and experimental versions were merged into the default one (Alpha 26.7) and you cannot submit a bug report on a version that is not currently hosted on any branch.


Lol, nice, maybe add that to the warning on the bug-reporter;

“dear bughunter, are you sure you are on version x.xx? when not, you will get this error”.

Btw, while you add that, can you add a TAB index to all bug reporter fields? Now you can not tab between them.

Secondary; why does clicking the satisfaction symbols on the bottom bar not load the Dashboard page in the menu?

Tertiary; the tool-tip “clear” from the notifications menu does not disappear if you leave the notification area. (You cannot bug report that by print-screen, since the bug menu will call up another tool-tip).



Yes adding tabbing to the bug reporter would make reporting easier.


We’ll see if we can squeeze that in for a near future update.

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